Name Zela
Aliases N/A
Race Super Mutant
Height 7'6"
Weight 450
Sex ????
Age ???
PoB The Vats
DoB ????


Zela was originally from New Reno. Her entire family was on a caravan to Junktown when they were all captured by Super Mutants and dipped into the vats at the Mariposa Military Base by the Master. All of them were dipped, but only Zela retained some of her former intelligence and memories.

Since the defeat of the Master, she has been wandering the wasteland in search of pre-war military bases. She's notable for being one of the more intelligent Super Mutants.


Those with Scientific training or with knowledge of FEV tend to get very worried about Zela's philosophy and self-professed goals. To everyone else, she's just an unusually intelligent Super Mutant who happens to be one of those annoying do-gooders that the wasteland spits out every so often and then swallows back up.

Character Timeline:

15, Feb 2194: Zela is spotted in Texas by a group of Wastelanders for the first time.
16, Feb 2194: Zela activates two pre-war Sentry robots for a Wastelander named Nazareth.
17, Feb 2194: Zela leaves Nazareth and his gang, warning about the dangers of greed and lust for power.


All human suffering springs from unchained desire. Unless you free yourself from this greed, you will never know the end of betrayl and sorrow.

There is no God. There was once, but he was murdered by the Brotherhood of Steel.

I expect to die. So I choose to do good.

Other Notes/Additional Information:

None, yet.

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