Amylee, Blondie, Elliot, Iona, Lie, Yahweh, Zela

Title Strangers
Scene Synopsis Half of everyone gathered at Nazareth's warehouse is a stranger to one another; some more so than others. In the down-time after acquiring the warehouse, Nazareth's crew and their new mechanic discuss futures, part ways, and run into unexpected faces.
IC Date February 16, 2194
OOC Date August 6, 2009
Logger Lie

League City, Nazareth's Warehouse

Zela is out front of the warehouse with a red washcloth saked in thug blood, she's washing down signs near the warehouse, making nearby buildings as mutant territory in the blistering hot sun.

The front door to the warehouse creaks open, pushed by a small shoulder belonging to Nazareth's apparent new grease-monkey, Liette. Swaggering out into the hot sun, she squints her eyes down to thin slits, one hand held at her brow, head upturned to look at how far the sun has tracked across the sky, lower on the horizon now than it was before. Grease, oil and hydraulic fluids coat her clothing and her ungauntleted hand.

Huffing out a tired sigh, the young girl slides a torque wrench down into one of the hoops at her belt, eyes still squinting as she surveys the movements of one particular super mutant bloodying up the adjacent buildings. Her mouth opens, lips moving in a silent what the fuck, before shaking her head and rubbing her hand down her face, leaving black smudges of engine grease down her cheeks unintentionally.

Blondie is getting ugly in the in the heat. He lost his hat ages ago and so whenever he goes on a round, he comes back with new war-wounds given to him by the vicious sun. His shoulders have peeled so badly that the muscle is exposed, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain— nor minds it. A good dose of stimpaks will accelerate some otherwise nonexistent skin-healing presently. Coming up around the building in a lazy walk, he stops upon seeing the mutant and her symbols. He opens his mouth as though to speak, and then gets a— well, disturbed expression on his face. Which changes to horrified. Then, revolted. And he throws up.

Zela glances towards Blondie. "Hey!" she grunts. "Its not that…bad. It may keep…us safe. These are feared…symbols. None will approach." A long, long pause. "Well, unless a Mutant army…happens by. What are the chances…of that?"

A strangled groan comes from Liette as she slumps up against the front of the warehouse beneath a scalloped metal awning, fingers pinching at the bridge of her nose. Peering up over her fingers, she gives Zela's silhouette in the hot sun an askance look, then pushes herself off of the wall, wiping grease and grime onto her leather pants in dark streaks as she walks. "I've never seen a ghoul react to blood like that," the teen notes with one dark brow raises as she passes by Blondie, pausing in mid-stride with her hands on her hips. "Or is this idea really that dumb it made you violently ill?" She says in a more conspiratorial tone between herself and the ghoul, looking over her shoulder with a smirk.

"Blondie! You're not morning sick, are you?" Iona asks, tilting her head curiously at the ghoul. After all, ghoul anatomy is considerably different. She moves over to him and hesitantly puts a hand on his shoulder, furrowing her brows. "She's just painting in blood. It's okay. It's… uh. At least it's not blood from her, y'know." Iona winks at Blondie, then glances to Zela and shudders.

"Where the fuck is my manual?" Yahweh asks charmingly of those gathered outside as he presents himself, stepping out and running a hand through his hair, "I think it's time for me to be gettin' on. Not a lot here to keep my interest, but I can get some caps off that book." He notes what Zela's up to, makes an impressed grunt, then states, "Good thinking. One more reason for me to get out of here."

"It's not the— writin'." He comes up panting, mottled hand wiping drool from his mouth. The old ghoul looks shaken, and his speech is constricted and nasally. He isn't breathing in or out through his nose-hole. "That… smell.. What in the world /is/ that?" Blondie asks, straightening up before sniffing ever so slightly. When Liette comes close, he leans to give her a whiff— no not the girl— and then takes a step towards Zela. From the look that rises on his features; yup, it's Zela. When Liette whispers to him, he gets a dark look on his face, setting aside his discomfort of the smell to turn towards her. "Only stupid thing here is a brat from the wastes." Iona and Yahweh get glances, his eyebrows shooting up at them. So many people, suddenly!

Zela glances back towards Blondie. "I have always smelled this bad." she replies, before going back to finishing her current symbol. "Yahweh. If you…are moving on. Perhaps you would…wait and…come with me? Have you heard my…plan? You would…find good loot."

Pursing her lips, Liette glances back at Blondie for a moment, then wrinkles her nose and sniffs the air, rather immediately clapping a hand down over her mouth and nose as she backs away from the direction Zela is in. There's a horrible, sickened sound as she turns her back to the two and stumbles a few steps, "Oh God it smells like the inside of a latrine on fire!"

Getting a few yards away from the source of the stench, the girl rests her hands on her knees and hunches over, exhaling a heavy breath and a few uncomfortable groans from the stench. "Okay I— she's getting a chemical bath," Liette murmurs, rankling her nose as she turns to look back up, spotting two unfamiliar faces with a squint of her eyes.

The dreadlock'd blonde squints over at Yahweh, tilting her head again almost owlishly. "What manual? I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see anything." Considering she's been holed up in a big box for the past umpteen hours asleep, that's pretty viable. She sniffs at the air and stretches her arms out above her head. Finally, Iona murmurs, "What the Hell are you all talking about? I don't smell anything."

"I hope I find a gas mask." Yahweh assures the mutant, still watching her at work, "Really, though… what's your plan? I've got enough reasons to be up and away from this motley crew, even if Franky wants to stick around and work with you lot." his arms fold over his chest, teeth gritted as he breaths in the stench.

Perhaps the Ghoul decided to wash his face and pick the dirt out of his open skin. And, you know, dig the moth nesting in his nose out. But after his initial— and terrible— reaction, he gives Zela a smile. "Ignore the brat." Yup, Lie, you're The Brat to the ghoul from now on. Iona, however, seems to bring a more personable air from Blondie. He wipes a hand off on his pants before flicking a smirk at her, wobbly as it is from throwing up. "Might just be all the trekkin' in the past week. … And I don't know who has your manual," he squints at Yahweh, frowning. "If Nazareth has it, you ask Nazareth. And I think the good doctor is setting up shop here."

"I…wish to head to…NASA." The Super Mutant replies, ignoring comments of a chemical bath. "I wish to ask them of…pre-war bases. I intend to look for…intact ones. Look through every…record I can. If I find one…we will all benefit, all who…come."

Swallowing down the bile creeping up the back of her throat, Liette takes a moment to compose herself as she looks off in the distance towards the unfamiliar man with the aviator sunglasses. Her eyes narrow a touch more as she catches glare off of shattered glass lining the street near one of the rusting pre-war cars, starting to make her way indirectly towards Yahweh. Liette's focus flicks over to Blondie and Zela for a moment, a distasteful look crossing her briefly before she's all business and blue-eyes, sidling up alongside Yahweh.

"You find a book in here?" One black brow rises up towards the bottom edge of Lie's welding goggles. For a moment she flicks her attention over towards the unfamiliar woman, then back to Yahweh. "Liette, by the way," the short teen offers out her ungauntleted hand towards the stranger, "working on Nazareth's robots. Scavenger and mechanic, I might be willing to pay up if the book's anything useful." Liette's smile, admittedly, becomes a bit Cheshire at the notion.

"Well…" Iona sighs quietly, beginning to rifle through her pockets. "Wish I had something to help settle your stomach. Doing sort of poorly on the doctorin' front." She turns to watch Liette sidle up to Yahweh, her eyes narrowing contemptfully. "Who's this wrench wench?" She asks Blondie, crossing her arms over her chest.

The Ghoul sidles a couple steps back from Zela, eyes seeming to water a touch from the way he blinks them constantly. That stench is going to be a problem— it's absolutely overpowering.

"NASA…" Yahweh repeats, somewhat mystified, "The fuck is NASA?" his attention passes toward Blondie, who gets a rough grunt in response, and then Liette. Bemusedly, his head tilts to one side, and then the other. He eyes the proferred hand for a moment, before giving his head a brief shake, "That's nice, chickie. Three hundred caps, and I'll let you lot have it. That's a steal, otherwise, I think I'm getting it and getting out. Can find people in some other city."

Zela shrugs. "Pre-war base. Has Ghouls living in…it. Pre-war ghouls. Something about…space. All I know. The important thing is…they will be able to tell us…what they remember. Which should…give good clues. In the end…I wish to find an…intact military research base." She glances towards Blondie. "Sorry."

The Ghoul sidles a couple steps back from Zela, eyes seeming to water a touch from the way he blinks them constantly. That stench is going to be a problem— it's absolutely overpowering, "The kid is some wastelander who came out of the wastes, chased by some radscorpions. She's working for the doc in exchange for healing— fixing up those 'bots he's got. Don't know if she'll stick around." He looks to Yahweh, a grin splitting upwards. "NASA is where a lot of Ghouls live, apparently. I don't know much else about them, though, but I think they've been there a long, long fuckin' time."

Rolling her tongue across the inside of her cheek when she hears Iona's comment, blue eyes flick in the blonde's direction for a moment, narrowed down to thin slits as her tongue rolls across the front of her teeth. It's the height difference that makes the returned glare a little comical, given how minuscule Liette is. She turns her focus back up to Yahweh, one brow raising as she grins broadly. "I know I might look like I was born yesterday, but I think I might want to know what the book's about before I go and pay for it. The last thing I want to spend caps on is an issue of Duck and Cover," she snorts out a laugh, shaking her head. "We talking a technical manual? 2076 road Atlas?" The young girl sets her hands on her hips, shifting her weight to one foot as she eyes Yahweh intently.

"If she lasts longer than the rest of the day, I'll be thoroughly surprised. As will be my crowbar," mumbles Iona to Blondie, looking contemplative very suddenly. "Working for Naz repairing his killbots? Fuck. This best not put me out a nursing job, elsewise we're gonna have a /serious/ problem on our hands. Fuck, why people always gotta fuck with me when I have PMS?!" Iona cries out a tad too loudly, though she doesn't seem in the least embarrassed about it.

"You look like you were born six-thousand some odd days ago." Yahweh states boredly, eyeing the young woman, "If I didn't think it was valuable, I wouldn't sell it. It's some sort of programming manual to them bots in there. Your employer's got it, and if you buy it off me, it can stay that way. Otherwise, I'm takin' what's mine and gettin' gone." he moves past the woman toward the ghoul, "Well, I might go to this NASA with you lot, but if I do, it's just because it's on the way to wherever I'm headed."

A car door creaks open, rusted metal singing its ageless tune. A head pops out of the entrance, covered in a conical hat that is designed to protect one from the relentless sun. Elliot's brown eyes, bright and curious, study the long strip of road that lays ahead of her before finally pulling herself out of the vehicle that ever-so-briefly served as a place to rest her head. Her gun is dragged along for the ride, casually slung over her side, followed by a courier bag that finishes her ensemble. Fully geared and armed once more, she cheerfully starts walking…

Right until Iona's passionate plea for sensitivity for her situation drifts across the great distance to her ears.

Her face scrunches up, a moment in time, a picture of confusion. Finally. "Wastelanders."

Zela shakes her head at Yahweh. "The…robot man…does not want to go. It would be you…and me…and anyone else I can get. A much…smaller crowd."

"She don't like mutants." The Ghoul mutters to Iona. "But she's got a hand for the mechanical biz, if you haven't picked up on that yet." When the young nurse spouts back, Blondie raises his eyebrows a little at her and leans just a touch away. "Uh, well, considering she's a junk-monkey and you're a medical assistant, I think your opportunities won't be conflictin', miss." He gingerly extends a hand and pats her on the back, looking very wary. He doesn't want to be killed by a chick with a crowbar. "I'm reconsidering this guard-dog business. If the doctor isn't going to leave the warehouse, and has Amylynn and the 'bots, I don't see much excitement here." And yeah, he's unaware of the girl in the car.

Immediately on hearing that it's a programming manual, Liette's eyes shift over towards the warehouse, then back to Yahweh. There's a shift of her weight, indecision as her hand moves down towards a zippered pouch at her right hip. The vrrt of the zipper pulling back accompanies a jingle of caps, and counting out a small handful of them, she starts unbuckling the pouch from her belt after zippering it closed, soon holding it out by a strap towards Yahweh.

"Three hundred," she states flatly, "a manual for those bots'll go a long way to making sure they stay in working order." She squints, then pulls the pouch back just a little. "And if I find out that manual's just a copy of Army Flamethrower Recipes, m'gonna' make sure the first thing I reprogram those bots to do is perforate you until I can see the horizon through your back." The last bit there is kept quiet, between Liette and Yahweh.

It takes Iona a long moment to look not so… on edge. "Yeah. Yeah, you're right about everything," she says in agreeance to Blondie. She reaches up to run her fingers through her matted hair, then pulls her goggles onto the top of her head. She doesn't seem to notice the woman in the car yet. "I don't think we should be lingering here very long. I mean, Naz has his bots… but bots can be destroyed, as we saw… and it just don't seem like a good idea. Wouldn't mind headin' up to NASA myself. I'm sure there'll be good lootin' there." Iona looks to Yahweh for a moment as though gauging his reaction, but eventually returns her attention to Blondie.

Elliot stomps down, knocking off some caked dirt on her boots, before finally starting to walk once more. It is in the general direction of the peaceful gathering, but respectful of the need for privacy. Apparently she's following the rule of the Wastelands. Leave well enough alone.

Yahweh pauses for a second as he hears Liette going for the caps, and turns back toward her. He extends a hand to take the bag, nodding to the woman, "I'm gonna let that slide because you don't know me, girlie. I'm a lot of things, I'm not dishonest. I also don't take threats very well, but like I said… you don't know me." his voice is set in a low, harsh whisper, and though the mirrored lenses of his glasses hide his gaze, it's centered on the young woman's face. "Thank you for your business." the nhe turns back around and moves to join Iona and Blondie.

Zela glances towards Blondie and Iona and Yahweh. "It seems…I have company then. Very well. I will…wait until…we have decided who is leaving…and who is staying…then we can all leave. I am not good with…people…so I am willing to take…suggestions on how to…do this."

"I'm just thinking Zela might have an easier time talking to the Ghouls with an actual Ghoul. At the very least I might be able to gauge how— " Blondie squints a moment, looking unneasy, " — feral, they may, or may not be." He sticks close to Iona, but keeps his hand somewhere on the woman's back for a moment. It's a comfort thing. However, he hears that stomp that Elliot makes … And suddenly whips around. "Stay here," he snarls to Yahweh and Iona. And begins stalking towards Elliot, raising his gun to point at the figure. "ON THE GROUND, MOTHERFUCKER!"

Elliot isn't noticed by Iona until Blondie goes all Ghoulie commando on everyone. Nor does she seem to mind the touching from him. She jumps heartily when he screams and moves closer to Yahweh, drawing her switchblade from her pocket. "I don't know about her, but I almost shat myself. If there's one thing you never wanna see, it's an angry ghoul with a nasty gun like that, screamin' at YOU."

There's something of a wry smirk from Liette as she hears Yahweh's comment, "Reputations are earned, not told. But I'll keep it in mind." Her blue eyes flick longingly to the leather bag, lips pursed to the side before she slouches her shoulders. "Is the book back in the warehouse? If so then we're good and I'll take you on your wor— " Suddenly, Blondie is shouting and raising a gun and the immediate thought on the matter is oh god Raiders.

Liette ducks and turns to the side, running directly behind Yahweh and then making a beeline sprint about five yards away before skidding to a stop on loose gravel, reaching inside of her coat to withdraw her Colt 6520, the chromed parts gleaming in the sun. The young girl brings up her gauntleted hand like a shield in front of herself, and braces the barrel of the Colt on her forearm, a very unusual style.

Blue eyes go wide once she sees who Blondie is aiming at, squinting in the bright sun to try and make out more details. Sure doesn't look like a Raider…

Zela glances in surprise towards Blondie, as if not believing that he can move that fast or shout that loud.

Elliot's slow, measured pace comes to an immediate halt when the abrasive command is delivered behind the impressive punctuation mark that is a loaded gun. Lips peel back sharply, one hand resting on the long handle of her rifle, out of position and clumsy for the sudden movement she would require to be used as a tool for her immediate defense.

Change of tactics. One hand rises, palm on display, even as she slowly scoots toward the nearest available cover. A slim alleyway. "Peace. I want to go my way, as I'm sure you want to go yours. No need for lead, no need for dealing with each other."

Yahweh glances curiously at Iona as she steps toward him, brows lifting over the top of his sunglasses. He then turns his head to watch the goings-on between Ramblondie and the unlucky passer-by, lips curling upward in an amused, toothy grin. "The fuck, she doesn't even have a mohawk, she's clearly not a raider. 'Sides that, it's one person."

"You're on my territory." The Ghoul is unaware of the chatter going on with the others, or even the armsing of Lie. That roar took something out of him, his chest heaves as he continues to stampede towards Elliot. He won't stop until he's a bare arms length from her, gun leveled between her eyes. "I said…" pant "on the ground," his mouth opens, face pulling back tight to reveal his teeth. Blondie takes his job … very seriously.

Zela glances towards the human. "He's…good people." she calls out to Elliot. "You'll be fine." she glances back towards the others. "We talk about…depature later."

"She doesn't sound like a raider. But that don't mean anything. Let's just stick closeby…" Iona murmurs to Yahweh, moving a bit closer towards him. She does not, however, stick him with her knife, accidentally or otherwise. "Besides, the guy is kinda jumpy. We all are, after that ganger and y'know… killbots…" Iona shrugs her non-knife holding appendage, biting her lip as she watches the encounter with great intensity.

Elliot initial expression as Blondie comes close enough for details is expressive enough to suggest a great many things without outrightly admitting to them. Irritation, concern, perhaps even a little disgust. For a moment, she stares at the Ghoul before both hands clasp behind her head and she slowly drops to her knees as she considers the lineup 'behind' the Ghoul. Cooperative, but visibly empathatic? Lips twitch, and she goes from the kneeling posture to a prone one, submissive and patient. "Yes, I can tell." That would be her dry response to Zela's 'comforting' assurances.

Easing back, Liette clicks the hammer on her pistol down slowly and lowers her armor-plated arm. Squinting against the bright afternoon sun, looking between Blondie and the stranger he's leveled a gun at. Swallowing dryly, Liette brings her Colt back into the holster inside of her jacket and starts walking back up towards the confrontation. A side-long look is given to Zela, noticing the Super Mutant's calm, then up ahead towards Blondie and the woman.

"Hey…" Liette interjects, the hot afternoon sun beating down on them all. Still, the young girl's nose rankles at the stench lingering outside of the warehouse, but there's no time for an accusatory look back to Zela, her focus is intent on the gunwielding ghoul and the woman he's ordering down on the ground. "What're you doin' all th'way out here?" Some thirty miles from New Galvaston, "this's a pretty bad area, right? You lost?" Her eyes narrow slightly, trying to take a diplomatic approach, though a trained eye would notice she's sizing the older woman up, keeping optimal distance for medium-range gunfire. The girl has an odd way about her.

Blondie waits until she's down, gun following her— before he suddenly gives her a sharp nod. Moving slightly past her, he looks into the alleyway— then around it— then down the street— up it— in the car … "… You're alone." He mutters.

"Come on, get up." He holsters the gun and bends down with a sharp pop in his back to grab her by the wrist to pull Elliot up. (Provided she doesn't shove him off.) "You just never know these days," Blondie croaks to the stranger.

"This is why I'm gonna go ahead and get outta here." Yahweh says, reaching out with the intent to grasp Iona's shoulder in a friendly fashion, "Take care, kiddo. Time to hit the old dusty trail, and whatnot. Unless the mutant's group is going out immediately, cause that's what I'm doing." he ties the small bag full of caps to his belt, nodding in satisfaction.

Amylynn pops up no more then ten meter from Blondie with a rifle in her hand. Sneaky one that Amy "Yep alone as far I can see it!" she yells and acts suddenly enough to probley startle the ghoul "Heya!" she calls to Elliot. She approches the two "I'm Amy and this is Blondie…" she winks "He's cranky he had a birthday. Guess one hudnred and thirteen is like metro paused for ghouls or something."

"Fuck, you're leaving me?" Iona asks, looking somewhat torn. "We'll see each other again. I've noticed that we all have a funny knack for turning up in the same place. IN the mean time? I'm going back to /fucking sleep/," Iona murmurs, giving Yahweh a friendly squeeze back.
Zela grunts towards Yahweh. "Head for Nasa." she says. "I'll catch up." She gives the directions as they were given to her.

"I am looking for something. That is why I am here." Elliot manages to get out before she is being yanked to her feet by the ghoul, a hissed note of surprise followed by a severe tug to free her hand. Her free one rubs at her joint, sullenly inspecting the front of her clothes. She does not even make an effort to dust herself off, though she does wipe at her face. "If that is all, Ghoul, I will go on my way. I would hate to invade 'your' spa— GAH!" She whirls, staring at Amylynn, and it does not waver throughout her cheerful introductions and rambling explanation.

"Oh, f— " It's just Amy, the Ghoul clutches his chest and wheezes pathetically again out of startlement. It's one of those, 'I'm elderly and I still smoke out of my corncob pipe' sounds he happens to make a couple times a day. "Thanks, kid." He mutters to the girl-guard, "Look, it's m'job," he says to Elliot. "I ain't gonna pull a gun on you again, long as you don't pull out yours. … What do you happen to be looking for?" After being shaken off, he steps a bit backwards to give the thoroughly (and with good reason) agitated Elliot some space.

Glancing towards Yahweh's direction, Liette raises her gauntleted hand and taps two fingers to her brow and then waves them off in a subtle salute, her blue eyes tracking back towards Eliot only a moment before she looks up and past Elliot towards Amylynn. Nazareth doesn't have a gang, he has a platoon it seems. One black brow quirks up, watching the rifle-wielding woman for a moment before focusing back on Eliot, a faintly approving smile of Blondie's offer to help her up coming briefly on her features.

"His name's Blondie, too," the teenage girl informs, offering out a bandaged hand towards Elliot. "Liette," she introduces with a hesitant smile, "s'olright, this group just laid stake to this area 'bout a day or so ago if I've heard it right. It was packed full of all sorts'a bad things, so they're a might bit jumpy. I've got some water and a few spare rations," she nods her head, "rest a spell. I know this area pretty well, might know what'cher lookin' for."

Amylynn looks around and then back at Elliot, Blondie… then to Lie "They ok? Everyone got all jumpy all of a sudden." she chuckles and keeps her rifle barrel up on her shoulder. She looks back at Naz and waves "Heya Boss! I been sneaking round making sure no one is sneaking up on us. Well missed her…she's really sneak…or I was being to sneaky somewhere else." she gives a bounce and looks at Elliot again "Sooooo wandering alone is bit dangerous isn't it?"

For a moment, it would almost appear that the tired woman considers the offer. Then she spots the last of their little team, only this one is far from petite. In fact, it's a towering figure of muscles and exaggerated limbs, death given form and that body is one of children's darknest nightmares. Her knuckles go white, clenched around the barrel of her rifle, and she slides a step sideways. It takes all of a second for her to read Zela's nearby decoration, enough time for another sideways step. "I think that our time, however well spent and pleasant, is officially over." Finality in tone, complete with one last glare at the mutant. One cut wisely short, turning and walking as fast as she can manage and not be said to be running.

Zela shrugs. "Works too well," she admits to Amylynn.

Honestly, it probably should've done more to wind the old ghoul. Blondie just sucks in a deep breath, however, and it seems to send that cough away. "Everyone's all right, this one just sort of— snuck up on us." And he sort of charged at her with a loaded gun. So when Elliot pivots and makes a break for it, he doesn't chase her, but he does call out after the woman hoarsely. "… We've got humans, too? …"

Pursing her lips, Liette jerks her head around when the rifle-wielding scout perks up with Nazareth's name, but — she doesn't see Nazareth anywhere. Her lips part for a moment, unspoken confusion, and her eyes fall shut as dark brows crease together. When the teen's eyes open again, they're focused on Elliot. She doesn't need to look over her shoulder to realize what put Elliot off, and the small girl immediately breaks into a hustle, boots scuffing on the broken concrete of the road as she moves to catch up.

"Hey," it's a bit hushed, almost hissed to try and sput the words out quietly while keeping a respectable distance inside arm's reach. "Look, I know… I had 'bout the same reaction too. I ain't letting you run off without makin' sure you've got enough water to make it back to civilization. Ain't never left someone out in the desert to die, ain't plannin' on." She turns around, backpedaling as she holds out her hands with a helpless shrug, walking backwards at Elliot's pace. "Just sit and collect yourself, wait till the sun goes down." She seems remarkably imploring of the woman, "Just stay upwind of 'er." That, is added with a smirk.

Amylynn walks up beside Elliot too. "Hey stick around! That's just Z' she's a nice super mutie and smart…little stinkie. We got people, ghouls, mutants OH OH!" she get excited "And these death dealing robots named Genghis and Mister Snuggy…Mister Snuggy has a missile launcher. Come on we even have some centaur stew left over." she tries and convinces the girl to turn back "Just because of the perverts…some of them are into Brainal sex….so don't show any internal organs… So come on hang out with us!"

Blondie saunters back to stand besides Zela. "I wonder how much of a point it is to be camoflaged when we tell everyone who comes by that we're not mutants."

Zela shrugs. "Might help some." she admits. "Probably even out in long run." She glances Blondie up and down. "You said something…about coming. When would…you know?"

"What?" Elliot responds, tone sharp and properly scandalized by Amylynn's warning that only extrapolates the woman's initial disgust and concern upon recognizing the pair of mutants responsible. "/Enough/. I appreciate your misguided attempts to save me from myself, but despite my misfortune earlier, I am quite capable of handling my own affairs and that includes but is not limited to managing my resources. I /do/ not need your water or your food and I certainly do not need your company or that of your curious friends." She does slow though, considering the sun. "You are right though, travelling in the evening is the most dangerous hours of all."

"Next chance I talk to Nazareth. He might send me off with a slap on the back, for all I know. If the boss has any plans for the near future, though, I'd like to stay committed, not sure what the kid will do …" Blondie looks over at Amylynn, Lie, and Elliot, his face suddenly twisting. His voice takes on a vaguely anxious tone, "Awww, fuck."

Grimacing awkwardly as that plucky — and clearly //touched — scout comes jogging over, Liette brings her bandaged hand up to her forehead with a quiet sigh. When her hand wipes down her face, she peers between her fingers at Elliot, wincing at what she can only presume the reaction will be. There's a tired sigh, and Liette nods her head, slowing her pace some. "They're not my friends," Liette notes with a crooked smile, "I'm just hired help. Look… I dunno' what the boss'd say about you straggling around, and if you think you're good to go out into the wastes, far be it from me to stop someone. I just— " her hands raise, taking a step back, "it's a big ruin here, you're free to wander it how you want. There's an old convenience store about a block and a half from here, good shelter if you want to stay someplace else."

Managing something of an awkward smile, Liette runs fingers through her hair and glances over to Amylynn, then back to Elliot. "I'll be back there, if you feel like asking after that thing you're looking for." The young girl backpedals some, turning around as she gives another curious look to Amy, then starts making her way back to the parking lot out front of the warehouse.

Zela tilts her head towards Blondie. "What?" she asks.

Amylynn hmmms and looks at Elliot with a blink "Come on, they are all really good people. Even when they are bitchie. All fun aside, there are alot of thing that snack on people out in this area…It's a neat mix, our boss is a doctor…" she smiles again "Come on…just kidding bout the brainal stuff the only one who does brain tricks are the brotherhood twins…" she leans in "They can hide technology in their minds…Z told me that." she pauses "Come on, sure you can find what ya need. Ya know, least head out in daylight."

"Nothing, Zela. Just, uh, the good doctor is a man like all the rest of us. I don't know how he'll be able to fend off two young girls." Blondie suddenly lifts a hand to push back at his hair. His smile becomes fixated. "I'll talk to him, and the two youngin's— see what they want to do."

Zela glances from Blondie to the two girls. "I don't…" She pauses. "Oh." The large mutant frowns. "The two from the Brotherhood…are here. And many others." she replies, still frowning.

Elliot's hand rises, touching the scar around her neck, studying first Lie and then Amylnn. "Fine. I will make use of this abandoned store, as my search does take me through this area, and I may require… the assistance or knowledge of the locals." Her gaze turns to the Super Mutant and the Ghoul, and finally back to Amy, leaning back when she leans in. It is possible she is as wary of her as she is of the Mutie. "Respect my temporary home, and I will stay the hell out of your business. No need to be hostile unless we allow it to be. I will see about making contact with /you/ shortly." That last bit was for none other then Lie, and with that, she turns to seek out the aforementioned shelter.

"I'll be right back, I've actually really got to check in around back. And I don't think the woman likes me much after my, uh— well, I think I pissed her off." Blondie slips around the corner, and hurries away.

Out of earshot of Amylynn's conversation on her way back from the walk with Elliot, Liette meanders on her path back towards the warehouse, both hands up and adjusting her welding goggles atop her head to keep her hair out of her face. there's a glance back over her shoulder at Amylynn and Elliot, but it's a fleeting one as she starts making her way up towards where Zela and Blondie just was.

"Blondie!" Speaking of kids, "Do you know anything ab— " she blinks, realizing it's just Zela by herself, rolling her tongue across the inside of her cheek with a confused expression. "W— Wasn't— " she glances around the parking lot, tilting her head as she inspects piles of rubble and debris, then looks up to Zela, nose wrinkling. "Well… shit."

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