Other Settlements

This is a list of settlements and other locations that are not represented directly on the Fallout MUX grid. Events that take place in these external areas may still impact events in the Fallout MUX world, and they can be considered kosher to use as areas of origin for new characters (in addition to any location already established within Fallout canon).

Many of the towns listed here were to be part of the canceled Van Buren project.


New California Republic

The New California Republic is a small but quickly-growing nation-state in the Core regions of the American west. It consists of the states of Shady (in which the capital, Shady Sands, is located), Maxson, Los Angeles, Hub, and Dayglow. The total population of the NCR is estimated to be around 100,000 people, making it one of the largest and most formidable presences in the Wastes. The relationship between the NCR and the Brotherhood is known to be especially strained, although this has not yet resulted in any open conflict between the two organizations.

Caravans from the NCR sometimes come as far as New Galveston or vice versa, but such a long trip is difficult and dangerous to make - and is therefore generally only made for very important cargo or deals which could not be brokered elsewhere.

  • The NCR was only very recently formed in 2187.
  • The enigmatic president of NCR is Tandi, daughter of Aradesh, the former leader of Shady Sands.


Carbon is a small town located in northern Texas. It is a rather poor and insignificant place, and its residents are frequently plagued by dangerous wildlife and raider attacks.

  • The mayor of Carbon is named Richard.
  • Carbon is built over the remains of real-life Carbon, Texas.
  • Carbon is located directly next to a huge crater caused by the Great War. Mutated rats and radscorpions crawl out of the crater constantly (gee, big surprise).

Twin Mothers

Twin Mothers is a small tribal village located in the American southwest built over the remains of what was once Vault 29. The tribal inhabitants of the village are 'guided' by a god named Diana, who is in reality a sentient AI living in the vault's computer system. Diana has constructed several projectors with which to communicate in a 'physical' holographic form to her followers.

  • The religion of Twin Mothers is similar to modern-day Wicca or paganism. Diana-worshipers hold nature sacred and take from it only the things they require to live.
  • The people of Twin Mothers are notably more advanced and intelligent than other tribal societies.


A town built over the ruins of a pre-War town of the same name, Coldwater is mainly known for its casino. Coldwater is located in what was originally Kansas, and is a fairly typical mid-sized Wasteland settlement. It has a thriving criminal underworld. Caravans from Coldwater sometimes make the trip south to New Galveston.

  • The town has a small ghoul population.
  • Wastelanders have been known to make the journey to Coldwater just to play at the casino.

Dog City/Denver

'Dog City' is the tongue-in-cheek name for what was once the city of Denver. The street-level of Denver is currently infested with huge, aggressive packs of feral dogs that are descended from the pets of the long-dead residents of the city.

Denver is rich in resources, but until lately lingering radiation and the dogs have kept hopeful Wastelanders away from the area. The radiation has finally faded to relatively harmless levels, however, and several teams of scavengers can now be found camped in the highest levels of the old skyscrapers staking out claims. Going down into the streets without weapons and plenty of ammunition is basically suicide, due to the presence of the dog-packs.


Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a cliff-dwelling tribal settlement built high into a mesa located in what used to be known as Arizona. While it may seem fairly typical from the outside, the people of Mesa Verde were once scientists and technicians who lost access to their advanced technology during the Great War. They have painstakingly passed down their scientific knowledge through the ages, and have built many improvements into their village using their skills. The people of Mesa Verde call themselves as 'Ciphers', a phrase referring to the fact that they are awaiting a time when they will be able to put their locked knowledge to better use.


Amarillo was once a flourishing Texas city located in the state's 'panhandle' region. A newly-flourishing settlement has been built on its outskirts. Amarillo is the largest exporter of Brahmin in the Wastelands, and for this reason it is one of New Galveston's most important trade partners. New Galveston regularly exports water to Amarillo; in return, Amarillo sends a large herd of cattle to New Galveston once per year. The cattle-drivers double as negotiators, setting the number of cattle to be shipped out on the next journey once they arrive at the island city with their 'cargo'.

  • Amarillo's population is perhaps half that of New Galveston's, but it is far more spread out.
  • The city is controlled by a confederation of Ranchers who come together occasionally to discuss business and town management. These gatherings are simply referred to as 'Meetings'. The Ranchers tend to live on semi-independent villas located outside of the city proper; in this way, Amarillo is more of a budding republic than an individual settlement.
  • The city itself has a mayor who is responsible for administrative duties and is elected by the Ranchers.

Camp Mabry

Located on the outskirts of Austin, Camp Mabry was once the headquarters of the Texas Military forces, which included the Army and Air National Guards and the Texas State Forces.

Austin itself suffered the same fate as Houston, although it was hit with a much lower-yield warhead. Today the inner city is devoid of sentient life, although there's plenty of mutated non-sentient life to make up for it.

However, the background radiation in the suburbs surrounding Austin has faded to tolerable levels. Camp Mabry has recently been turned into a base by the enigmatic Brotherhood of Steel. Little is known about what they're doing in the area, and nobody is likely to find out that isn't a member of the Brotherhood.

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