Old Texas City

Before the Great War, Texas City was a sleepy port town whose middling size was overshadowed by the nearby mega-city of Houston. Now it lies an empty shell of its former self, the cars having rusted in place on the once-bustling downtown streets, the windows perma-glazed with a coating of grime and dust.

Texas City was a convenient place for the people of New Galveston to salvage large quantities of metal and other various mechanical and architectural parts when they began construction on the island. For this reason it has been picked clean of most useful or valuable items and parts, and scavengers infrequently find anything worth carrying off from the place. Mostly it is used by travelers or groups of raiders as a temporary hideout; many of the old buildings have obviously been used as shelters, and it's easy to find evidence of campfires (or barrel-fires) on just about every street of the abandoned city.

There may be a few things worth looking for in the ruins, but you'd either have to be very lucky (or very skilled) to make much of a profit. Conversely, old cities tend to make perfect places for adapted/mutated wildlife to find or make shelter, and over time Texas City has become home to a veritable plethora of critters. Presumably one could hunt here, if they were so inclined, which might be slightly less of a tedious endeavor than scavenging would be.

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