League City

Formerly a middling and relatively uninteresting pit-stop town between Houston and Galveston, League City is currently completely vacant of any sort of life. Well, any sort of human life, that is; since Houston was nuked during the Great War, League City's close proximity to the once-thriving-metropolis has resulted in a wide array of irradiated creatures and wildlife settling into its empty old buildings, sewers, and alleyways. Rarely do scavengers venture close to the ruins of League City; even though the radiation levels aren't directly harmful, the giant ants, radscorpions, and mole rats definitely are. And there are probably nastier things than huge fleshy rodents lurking in the dark recesses of the city.

Scavengers who do come here tend to walk away with quite a bit more to sell off than those who are content with trying their luck in more frequented places like Texas City. But in order to make the profit you actually have to be able to walk away, and it's not uncommon for those who do venture into the city to never be heard from again.

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