Johnson Space Center

General Knowledge

The Johnson Space Center was originally the premier training facility for American astronauts, and was famous for its Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory as well as the historic Apollo Mission Control Center.

Nobody really remembers or cares too much about humanity's space-faring history in the Wastes; people have got plenty of problems keeping them busy on the surface of the Earth. However, the Center itself has not been entirely forgotten.

A pre-nuclear aerial view
of the Space Center.

There is a large community of ghouls living at the location of the former Space Center. Nobody is certain where they came from or what they do there, and though they do sometimes make trips to New Texas City or Alvin to trade various goods, they don't say too much about their own agenda. For that matter, not too many people bother to ask them, preferring to deal with the visibly grotesque ghouls as little as they have to.

Some of the ghouls tend to wear lab coats, although most of the ones who travel frequently prefer utilitarian leather or metal armor. The coats, however, seem to hint that at least some portion of their population is scientifically inclined.

The History

After the bombs dropped, some humans were lucky enough to avoid the deadlier patches of radiation outside of the vaults. Most of them died anyway because of starvation, lack of drinkable water, or misadventure, but a fraction of them survived and went on to build struggling little communities despite the odds stacked against them.

Then there were those who didn't avoid the radiation. Most of them died, too, but some became ghouls.

The scientists at Johnson Space Center all had first-class tickets to a nearby vault, being the shining examples of society that they were, but Houston was one of the first cities to be hit. When the lines of communication went down, many of the scientists remained in the complex, assuming a military detachment would arrive to escort them to safety. It never came.

Slowly, they began to die off one by one. Within a week, everybody had expired - except for the ones who hadn't. They should have died, but instead they turned into shriveled, monstrous husks who, as far as they could tell, seemed to be immune to the effects of the fallout that was currently coating the remnants of the United States.

Out of the entire population that had remained at the Center, just over a dozen 'survived'. They did what they could to batten down and turn the place into a shelter. Not having anything else to do, their attention soon turned to converting all of the now-useless technology around them to actual, useful application. There was far more work to be done than they could handle themselves, however, and when other ghouls started to wander in from various regions, they were welcomed.

In time, the little community has swelled from double- to triple-digit population. The ghouls tend to be skeptical of human contact, and avoid it when possible aside from their trade outings.

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