Bolivar Peninsula
A stretch of the peninsula today.

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The pre-apocalyptic population of the Bolivar Peninsula, a long stretch of land located directly across Galveston Bay to the north-east of Galveston Island, was just over six thousand souls. Today it is perhaps one tenth of that, with a few small, scattered communities having taken up residence in the empty villages located along Old Highway 87.

The only point of real interest on Bolivar to anyone aside from bandits in this day and age is the Port Bolivar Trading Company, located at the southwest tip of the peninsula. The trading company specializes in selling and buying from the ships that sometimes sail into New Galveston from other areas. They typically trade the sort of things that New Galveston is not willing to (such as slaves, goods of questionable origin, and drugs), but they'll buy and sell anything that they believe they can make a profit on.

The NGPS tends to carefully avoid any sort of direct conflict with the Bolivar Trading Company. The company rarely buys enough to interfere with New Galveston's economic affairs, and while slavery is not permitted within the city itself, the NGPS is not eager to go on a crusade to end its existence elsewhere. Besides, the company offers a place for incoming traders to offload their less ethical cargoes, conveniently keeping New Galveston from ever having to deal with the issue of handling them directly.

Darryl Pryor, the head of the trading company, is said to be a tenaciously capable fellow who won't permit any sort of misbehavior from his employees.

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