This would be the flag
of Alvin, but somebody stole
it before it could be raised.


The ruins of the small town of Alvin, Texas are just like any of the other ghost-towns in the sprawling Wastes, with one notable difference: these ones are infested with all manner of thieves, thugs, slavers, mercenaries, and other such ne'er-do-wells. The place has become a sort of de facto headquarters for illegal activity in the area. Where the Bolivar Trading Company's illicit activities are tolerated because they are taken care of in a professional, impersonal manner, the denizens of Alvin tend to get downright dirty and nasty - in business, personal affairs, and fights.


Alvin is located thirty miles or so to the west-northwest of New Galveston, and twenty-five from Pariah's Point.


There are plenty of fights in Alvin. People get killed there on a regular basis, and just because you've been there for an extended period of time doesn't mean you're any safer on a day-to-day basis than the next no-good thug. Those who don't belong to gangs typically either end up in one gang or another very quickly, or end up dead: being groupless means having no way to defend yourself against those more greedy or more powerful.


Alvin has no government, except for the government of those who have consolidated the most firepower. At any given time one raider-warlord or another might be generally recognized as Head Honcho, but the only thing keeping him or her in that position is his ability to stay on top of the metaphorical hill before they're pushed off by somebody more cunning.


The slave market in Alvin is always booming. Where New Galveston is recognized as an industrial and technological hub, Alvin is a hub of everything of questionable moral value. Slaves, drugs, sex: you can buy it all in Alvin with enough caps. Mercenaries also flock to the place, especially those with less scruples, and assassins conduct their business there regularly.


Alvin has one of the more eclectic building styles in the Wastes. Where New Texas City expanded horizontally out with more and more shacks and shabby corrugated homes, Alvin expanded up. Almost all of the old buildings in the downtown area have been expanded to twice or even three times their original height, shackled together with wood, metal, plastic, and whatever else happened to have been handy at the time of construction. Narrow walkways and planks are used as ad hoc passages between upper-story dwellings and shops, and it isn't uncommon for somebody to come wheeling down from several dozen feet in the air and end up with several broken limbs (or dead).


Alvin's entire populace is its military. Everybody packs, and if for some reason the NGPS ever did decide to try to raze the place once and for all, everybody would fight tooth or nail.

Of course, as soon as the guns were turned away from Alvin, everybody therein would go back to killing each other again.


  • New Galveston: For obvious reasons, New Galveston is regarded as the law in this part of the Wastes, and the criminals in Alvin don't exactly tend to idolize those with strong connections to the NGPS. That said, a citizen of New Galveston might be able to survive in Alvin if they could prove they had the cojones to hold their own, where as the typical resident of Alvin would immediately be tossed in front of a firing squad if they showed up at New Galveston's doorstep.
  • New Texas City: The people of New Texas City are definitely more tolerable of anti-authoritarian sentiment than those of New Galveston, and there are plenty of unofficial connections between New Texas City and Alvin that aren't discussed in public. But the people of New Texas City don't tolerate slavers or their ilk, and not all the people in Alvin consider New Texas City that much better than New Galveston.
  • Outlaws: Welcomed with open arms. Arms that are often poised to choke, stab, or shoot.
  • Super Mutants: Bigger and tougher than any human, so most raiders have a grudging respect for them. Super mutants are often strong-'men' and bodyguards for the more powerful raider-warlords and mercenary leaders.
  • Ghouls: It's not uncommon to find ghouls in Alvin. A few of them have even formed small mercenary outfits or joined up with predominantly human groups. As ugly as they are, they're not much worse than some of the grimier specimens of humanity to be found in the city.
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