Name Bob Mackie
Aliases Mack
Race Ghoul (Glowing One)
Height 5'11"
Weight 140
Sex Male
Age 156
PoB ???
DoB 10-23-2037


Bob Mackie is a rather depressing case of a pre-War individual ending up as a rather eccentric ghoul. Born in the mid-21st century, Bob did everything every red-blooded American at the time should: marry a beautiful woman, have a pair of kids, and buy a house in the suburbs with a nice, green lawn, flower beds and even a pool!

But Bob Mackie was not content with his lot in life. He was a travelling salesman by occupation and spent days at a time away from home, only to come back and go through the motions. It was a good life, even if he felt that something was missing… and one day, he found out what it was: a sense of accomplishment, and a legacy beyond the biological.

Bob's mid-life crisis happened in early 2077. By halfway through the year, he had driven his family up the wall with his ridiculous ideas. Eventually, though, he settled on one. He'd always been a very good cook, though he never thought he could do anything with it, and this time, he would. Bob took out a second mortgage on his house and went to put in a payment on a pizzeria, planning to open up by the beginning of the next year.

Disaster struck in October, as everyone now knows. The bombs began to fall while he was travelling through the night and morning to make it home for his birthday. Practically falling asleep at the wheel, Bob was startled to see a flash in the sky far off. They multiplied, distracting him enough that he drove off the road, crashing into a tree off the highway and losing consciousness.

Bob had to walk home when he reawoke hours later. He saw the devastation all around, and when he got close enough, he found his hometown had been reduced to ashes in a crater. He stumbled away from the blast site, wandering through the still-burning countryside. Eventually, he sought shelter in a market in the middle of nowhere with a handful of other people, each huddled in fear.

Bob wasn't afraid. Bob was numb. Everything he knew was gone. Everything was changing. People all around him were dying, and he felt like he was coming apart at the seams. His mind practically destroyed itself trying to cope. It wouldn't. It couldn't! But…

Salvation came in the form of obsession. He /would/ leave his mark on the world. His family was gone, and by the time he had begin to glow, he knew that he would never have one again. He found some of the food that would go bad in the market and, using what he knew from being something of an outdoorsman, began to cook for the survivors. Their depression would kill them faster than bad water or radiation, he knew, so he did something about it.

He cooked pizza. Of all the things he could have done, he chose to cook pizza. Good food cheered them up somewhat, reminded them that there was always something worth living for. His attitude became almost insufferably cheerful, and though he was what would come to be called a "Glowing One," his skill was too good to ignore. The amount of suicides dropped steadily among the small survivor "settlement," and life became something resembling "halfway decent."

Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end. Bob (or "Mack" as he was eventually nicknamed) left the safety of the market when raiders started moving through the area hunting ghouls. He stood out in the dark wherever he went, making him a bullseye for them, but they wouldn't follow him through the heavily irradiated areas. For years, he moved in and out of clean places and hot zones, bringing odds and ends with him that people would otherwise be unable to get. They tolerated him, at least, for that much.

And so, Bob Mackie went back to how it had always been. He was a salesman again, though the new kids around here call him a trader instead. This time, though, he has a dream: acceptance and a legacy.

Well, that, and his continued obsession with pizza. Maybe he'll work on reopening that pizzeria and civilize this place…


Mack is a Glowing One, a ghoul who gives off both light and radiation. Despite this, he is a not unsuccessful trader and a pretty good guide for the whole region. He also claims to be a good cook, but nobody has taken him up on this one just yet.

He is also known for singing when he approaches and leaves groups. Nobody is quite sure why.

Character Timeline:

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"Well, how-dee-do, neighbor, ha ha ha!"
"You must be the substitute ambassador," Mack says, frowning directly at Crow, "because /good/ ambassadors know how to be polite."

Other Notes/Additional Information:

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