Lie Still


Amylee, Blondie, Lie, Nazareth

Title Lie Still
Scene Synopsis Everyone lies. Some lies are large, some lies are small, some lies cost you everything.
IC Date February 17, 2194
OOC Date August 6, 2009
Logger Lie

League City, Nazareth's Warehouse

A loud whirr and a humming roar comes up from an enormous steel alloyed body as a powerful arm bearing a missile launcher levels straight towards an open expanse of wall. "SCANNING FOR THREATS," booms the hollow, metallic voice inside of the gigantic robot, followed by a whirr and a hum of servos as it pivots at the waist, red lensed eyed scanning past a diminutive girl standing by it, a wrench in one hand and a soldering iron in the other. Liette smiles, awkwardly, looking up and over her shoulder towards the tanned man standing behind her. "THREAT LEVEL GREEN, STAND-BY MODE ACTIVE."

Exhaling a deep and thankful sigh, Liette wipes at her forehead with the back of her hand, turning towards Nazareth with a lopsided smile. "Looks like we did it," she notes with some level of amazement, "without leveling the warehouse too! You know for a doctor you sure know a thing or two about robots…" The wrench is slid down into a loop at her belt, and the teen turns her focus once more to the last of the repaired sentry bots, slapping a plate on its back closed.

"Looks like one of them's up and running good as new, the other one's got a limp, but he'll do fine until we can get some better tools to work on him with…" The soldering iron is waved back and forth in the air absently as she steps beneath one of the robot's tremendous arms, then turns to look back to Nazareth. "Not bad, you know, for a wasteland job."

Nazareth, for a change, is smoking. Thin wisps of the poison flots up around his person whilst the girl goes about her tasks. Once she's down and speaking to him, he responds, "Doctoring's just what I'm good at," dryly. He takes a deep inhale off of the stick before continuing, "Better than they were, for sure. I'm going to be needing to make day trips around the area here. We need to get this building patched up."

"I'm not sure how much we there is left, Doc." Testing the tip of the soldiering iron with her thumb, Liette decides it's cooled down enough, and opens up a leather hip-holster for it, sliding the tool down inside as she ducks under the sentry bot's arm again on a path towards Nazareth. "I dunno if you saw it yet, but your super mutant left a goodbye letter for us sometime in the night. I dunno how many people she took with her," blue eyes cast to the side behind the lenses of goggles, "but we is getting slimmer by the minute."

In the warehouse and out of the glaring sun of the desert and no longer needing them for eye protection, Liette slides the goggles up on her forehead, pushing back her bangs as she does. "Which, I guess, brings us to a juncture. There's something I wanted to talk to you about, since we've got a moment of privacy… and I think that'll affect where I head from here."

"I'm aware she left and of her plans. As for 'us', I still have three in my employ," Nazareth responds with no small amount of imperiousness. "But shoot, I got nothing but time for now," he adds, staring rather intently at her.

front of anyone else."
Liette's brows furrow at Nazareth's comment, considering something before motioning over her shoulder towards the sentry bots. "We both know those aren't going to have an infinite lifespan. These sentry bots are going to require refueling, and the reactor's only going to last so long. It's going to last even less if you have to keep refueling both of these robots."

Shifting her weight to one foot, Liette's hands come to rest at her hips, the elbow joint of her one piecemeal gauntlet creaking from the motion. "So— I'll be straight up with you. I've got a buyer who'd be willing to pay top caps for one — or both — of these robots. No questions asked, just a simple, smooth transaction and money to line your pockets. I didn't want to bring this up in front of anyone else."

Nazareth blinks slowly before taking another healthy drag from his cigarette. "Absolutely not, these are a lot more valuable to me than the caps they could bring. They won't last forever, no, but they'll last plenty long for me to find more fuel for the reactor and devise some way to extend the 'bots battery lives," he says breathlessly. He seems to hesitate for a moment, shifting his weight, "I got plans for this place and these factor in pretty heavily to those plans' survivability.

"Reconsider…" Liette pleads in a quieter tone of voice, teeth tugging at her lower lip. "Caravan routes, supplies, security; all of these things are going to cost you caps. If you're willing to part with even just one of the robots, my buyer will supply you with enough caps to make up the difference in its loss." Rubbing one hand at the side of her head, thumb smudging away a patch of black grease, she takes a moment to try and consider the sales pitch.

Eventually, she just huffs out a sigh. "One sentry bot is deterrent enough, it'll save you on refueling and ammunition as well as repairs. Think of the costs you'd be able to make back keeping just one robot maintained, and my buyer would take the more heavily damaged of the two. At least consider it," her hands go back to her hips, shoulders rising and falling in a shrug, "it might do you better in the long run to have a nest-egg of caps to sit on, rather than two robots. Especially if you have to hire a full-time mechanic."

Nazareth shakes his head, waving a hand, "Look 'ere girl, there's plans in motion. Bottom line? These things are relics and I like old shit." He pulls down the last of the cigarette before flicking the butt off to the side. "As for a mechanic, I figured you'd practically have your panties in a bind about hanging around them, what with the way you gush all over the place about them," he says with a roguish smile on his face.

Amylynn pokes her head from behind a corner "Hey no selling Genghis or Mister Snuggy! We just found them!" she hurmphs and turns back to her rifle "I mean come on…If they use so much power then how the heck do lod bot still have juice after two hundred years or so?"

Straining a sigh through her teeth, Liette rubs the heel of her palm on her forehead lightly. "The reason I was so excited was because my buyer would pay a fortune for just one of — " Practically jumping out of her skin and lets you a rather mousy yelp when she hears Amylynn's voice from one of the warehouse corners, Liette staggers back and swallows a lump in her throat. "It— It is not polite to eavesdrop!" She exclaims with a bright red face, hands balled up into small fists at her side as she collects herself, covering her mouth with her bandaged hand as she breathes in deeply, then exhales slowly.


"They were in standby, it— " Liette realizes she's trying to explain something to Amylynn and promptly rubs her palm against her forehead again. "Alright, alright…" both hands come up in the air into a motion of defeat, the gauntleted hand creak-squeaking with the motion. "It was a one-time offer, but if you're intent on hunkering down here, I'm probably not going to stick around. My salvage job means heading out into the wastes, and…" she's explaining herself again, and once more she sighs in late realization.

"I just wanted to try and make the offer." Wiping off her bandaged hand on her thigh, Liette looks up towards Nazareth and offers the hand out again. "Thanks for the stitches," she notes with a wry smile, "but this is as far as our agreement went… so I think this is where we part company."
Amylynn hmms and inches out of the corner "Who's eavesdropping? I been here for fourty five minutes or so… I can be quiet and still when I need to be…I did used to help the hunters." she gets up and streches and walks over towards Naz "Soooo…looks like our band of adventurers is getting smaller…" she hmmms "But gotta admit even I wanna check out new places and all…sucks everyone went in every which direction."

"Not quite so much," Nazareth says with feigned remorse in his voice. His shoulders slump a bit and he shrugs, glancing in Amy's direction briefly. "Now, don't take this as my not being appreciative for your help and whatnot, but that's not how things work out here," he makes sure to give Lietta a pretty stern look, "'Fraid you're not leaving."

Rolling her tongue over the inside of her cheek, one of Liette's brows drops down as she levels a square look at Nazareth. She holds out her bandaged hand, fingers splayed, "My hand for fixing your robots, that was the deal, Nazareth." Her eyes narrow, teeth pulling at her lower lip again. "Don't— don't make this any harder than you already are." An anxious look is flicked towards Amylynn, then back to Nazareth quickly.

"We had a deal, and since you didn't extend it we're done. End of story." Trying to be firm, it comes off a bit flat for a girl of her age and her size. "You're letting me walk." Remarkably, it doesn't seem like the first time she's been in a situation like this. Unfortunately, it is the first time she's been in a situation like this with the sentry bots on the other side.

Amylynn shifts her rifle slightly and looks at Lie seriously. "He is the boss…" she watches for now. But if anything the girl's loyalties are already pretty obvious…. anyone with cool robots she can dress up is her kind of people.

"And that business was concluded," Nazareth returns with a bit of a bend in his back to bring him imposingly closer to her. "Now see, you've just demonstrated to me that you have a reasonable grasp on the fine art of trade. So, I know you'll understand when I say that you're kind of just a fucking pile of caps to me. Now, I could use a good wrench, but something tells me that a teenage girl who knows how to fix shit is going to be really valuable to to some prince-charming raider in Alvin." Nazareth looks visibly more at ease when Amy chimes her part in. He straightens his back a bit, "So let's get something ricky-tick," he says, "You either do whatever the fuck I say or you spend what's left of your time on this planet servicing the piston of some psycho-addict with a beergut. Tracking?" There's a lot less humor in his person now that the teeth are out.

Nervous eyes flick over to Amylynn, her back still to the sentry bots, jaw clenched tightly. Liette's brows furrow, her bandaged hand moving up to her neck where a small chain is tucked beneath her tanktop. "How about…" she pulls out the chain, holding three distinctive metal tags dangling from it. Only one of them is upturned and pinched between her index finger and thumb, projecting a small greenish sigil in a laser-light array on Nazareth's chest. It's a pair of interlocking gears with a sword thrust between them, flanked by a pair of wings. Beneath it reads:


Juliette Mason

Scribe Initiate

"I'm subordinate to Paladin Lucius of Camp Mabry." That explains the technical expertise, and likely, who her buyers are. "I— think it would probably be best, if you just let me walk right out that door, and we both forget about your little indiscretion here."

Nazareth glances quickly at the dogtags. It takes a moment, but soon a laugh wells up and he gets a decidedly vicious look in his eyes. He takes a step forward, "Well isn't that precious. Sometime I'll give you a thorough talking-to about why I think those fucks in the Brotherhood are just /swell/."

Amylynn gets up, still not aiming at anyone but she is on her feet and starting to glance the area curiously. Lie is always in her sight. She looks at the dogtag and then to the boss but says nothing for now. But her finger nail taps her rifle in a steady click click click…

Grimacing, Liette's brows lower as she looks over to Amylynn, then back to Nazareth. "They know I'm here, Nazareth, they know I've been gone for a few days. If I don't turn up, someone's going to come looking for me, and no amount of sentry bots, no amount of bodyguards will make a mountain of difference once they find out what you're doing. Doesn't matter if you like 'em or not, two sentry-bots aren't going to save you." The young girl swallows, anxiously, finally remembering to let her fingers go off of the pad of the holotag. "Pissing off people bigger than you isn't good business, Doc. So, yeah," she nods her head, trying to act casual, but it's obvious she's shaken out of her wits, "I think I know how things work 'out here.'"

Nazareth just smirks a bit, "Fair enough. Guess we're just going to have to have us a field-trip to Alvin, then." He points at the ground insistently, "Now's where you drop your weapons."

Amylynn hmmms and watches Lie carefully. Her rifle shifts again and this time her placement of the stock under her arm and her left hand to bring it up quickly is evident. "So boss…what ya need me to do…"

"You're— you're out of your mind!" Liette raises her hands the Colt 6520 holstered under her arm, "You're going to try and sell a member of the Brotherhood into slavery? You're— " the girl's nose rankles up, "you're an idiot!" Getting a little red in the face, Liette's blue eyes dart over to Amylynn, straining a sigh thorugh her teeth.

"Amy," her tone becomes a bit more pleading, "you're— actually going to let this guy do this? You're not a bad person, you're not a slaver." Those blue eyes dart back towards Nazareth, even as her head tilts subtly to one side, angling to hear the whirr and hum of the Sentry Bots behind her. "You want adventure, Amy? You're not going to find it here, working for this scumbag." The super mutant was right, and perhaps that's the part of this that eats Liette alive deep down inside, if she had listened to Zela, none of this would have happened.

"You help me get out of this, Amy… I promise I can take you places out in the wastes you ain't never seen before, show you explosions that'd make your head spin. We can go catch up with Zela and her crew… maybe Elliot?" Blue eyes angle back towards Nazareth. "C'mon, Amy… you're not a slaver…"

Amylynn hmms and continues to watch "Selling another human being is a poor way to make a living is what my father taught me…" she looks to Nav then back to Lie "But a body guard or caravan hand who loses their integrity loses their lively hood. He's my boss…your in his claim. Adventures and explosions are good…..but I am under contract. And it's my bond."

If Nazareth isn't paying attention to much else besides the young woman and the Robots, he might have no idea that there is someone suddenly standing very close to him. Clad in his torn-up leather pants, the blonde-haired Ghoul had heard the ruckus from— well, where-ever he was— and has come to investigate. "Boss," Blondie asks quietly under his breath, a small note of exertion straining through his words, "what's going on here?"

"AFFIRMATIVE. USE OF NON-LETHAL FORCE AUTHORIZED. COMBAT MODE INITIATED." The Sentry Bots, like some horrible mechanical nightmare both come to life, and Liette turns around as their dark silhouettes between her and the grimy factory windows grow larger, red lenses of their eyes gleaming brightly."ATTENTION DESIGNATE 'YOUNG LADY', DISARM IMMEDIATELY OR BE PRESENTED WITH NONLETHAL FORCE." The pistons and motivators whirr and click, followed by the clomping footfalls of the sentry bots plodding forward across the warehouse floor.

Pinned between two of the most vicious military robots designed for mass production and a lunatic's loyal bodyguard, Liette's bandaged hand starts to move towards the inside of her jacket, keeping her back to the sentry bots. Her blue eyes dart to Amylynn, then Nazareth, breathing in slow and deep breaths in what feels like forever, but only encompasses two beats of her heart that pound in her ears.

At the end of the day, though, Liette is who Liette is. And her headstrong upbringing may finally be the end of her.

At Blondie's sudden appearance, Liette decides to make her move. Reaching into her jacket, the young girl falls backwards at the same time, landing with a heavy whump on the floor as she slides in the black grease and oil on the concrete, slipping between the lumbering stance of one of the sentry bots as she withdraws her Colt in a gleam of chromed metal. Now, at least, behind the sentry bot, Liette rolls back into a crouch, bringing up her gauntleted arm to brace in front of herself like a shield, the barrel of her Colt braced on her armored forearm in that odd style Blondie had seen the previous afternoon.

"Call them off!" She shouts to Nazareth, not really in any place to be making demands. But one way or another, she has to fight. It wouldn't be befitting of her heritage to do otherwise. "Call them off now Nazareth and let me go!" But she's not aiming that pistol at Nazareth, she's aiming at Amy.

Nazareth's eyebrows rise on his forehead when Blondie arrives, "Kid just doesn't know how things work out here. All I was needing was a wrench out here, but turns out she's Brotherhood." He looks back towards the girl, "And you know how I feel about the Brotherhood." When she makes her gambit, Nazareth doesn't move, but commands, "Robots, subdue her."

Amylynn rifle comes up and she looks at Lie "Drop… or draw." she sounds almost like a western extra in the high noon shoot out. "Maybe you just need to know, at this moment your not the boss…maybe if you apologized and surrendered…" she now is just waiting to fire….

[GM] Plutonium has initiated a GM-run scene.
[GM] PC Sequence/Pose Order: Blondie - (11), Lie - (7), Amylynn - (5), and Nazareth - (4).
[GM] NPC Sequence/Pose Order: Sentry Bot - 563 - (5), Vegas - 555 - (4), and Sentry Bot - 562 - (4).
[GM] Plutonium says, "Ignore Vegas in there."
[GM] Plutonium says, "Okay."
[OOC] Lie says, "Hahah Vegas to the rescue!"
[OOC] Lie says, "Out through a window like Bruce Willis missin' half of his head >_>;"

Blondie doesn't move a muscle. Not until the little girl from the wastes is leveling her gun upon the 'kiddo', Amylynn, as he calls her a lot. "Kiddo, watch out!" He brings up the uglier of his two weapons; a long, strange-looking assault rifle with a barrel extending from the gun like a proboscis. He's suddenly in predatory mode, moving towards Lie without fear of the Robots. His face is full of dread, one glance flicking to his boss. … Fuck it. "Just… fuck… RUN, YOU LITTLE FUCKING BRAT!"

[GM] Plutonium says, "You can either announce what you're gonna try or just page it to me (your call)."
[OOC] Blondie says, "Uhhh. Speech."
[OOC] Blondie says, "On Lie."
[GM] Plutonium says, "Well, lemme make a clarification here."
[GM] Plutonium says, "Speech is really intended for PC < — > NPC. I can't force players to react to a Speech roll."
[OOC] Amylynn thinks she knows this one to.
[OOC] Blondie says, "Ohh."
[OOC] Blondie says, "Then no rolls, he's just yelling!"
[GM] Plutonium says, "However, if Lie's willing to cooperate with a success/failure situation on the speech and alter her actions, that's fine."
[OOC] Lie says, "Actually if you go with like… a modifier of 'hard', I'll totally go with it."
[OOC] Lie says, "She's stubborn but reason can get to her"
[OOC] Lie says, "You just need a jackhammer"
[ROLL] Blondie rolls his Speech skill (54%) at a difficulty level of Hard. He succeeds. (Roll Value: 15)
[OOC] Lie says, "Hahaha /awesome/"

"Apologize? Apologize!?" Liette's blue eyes narrow as her lips pull back in a tiny little snarl, "I don't apologize to— " What the hell is Blondie doing? Blue eyes go wide, disbelief painted across her face as she sees the ghoul trying to help her. This is the second time in less than that many days that the two mutated creatures of the wasteland that she respects the least — a super mutant and a ghoul — have taught her a lesson most members of the Brotherhood never learn; humility.

[OOC] Lie says, "Beeline for a door then"
[GM] Plutonium says, "Roll agility. If you succeed then the 'bots will need to roll to keep up, or go from whacking to shooting."
[OOC] Lie nods.
[ROLL] Lie rolls her Agility stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 8)
[GM] Plutonium says, "You make it to the door, though you're not out yet. It's a big heavy steel door and it takes time to open."

There's no words, no thanks, no time for frivolities and kindness like those as Liette's booted feet skid and slip in the oil and grease beneath her, finding purchase just soon enough to duck out of the way of a Sentry Bot beginning to move for her. The young girl runs, heart thundering in her chest, dashing past the robots and leaps up a short flight of four steps onto a concrete landing, winding past old machinery and rusted iron stairs until she slams shoulder-first into a metal security door, "fuck!"

Her gauntleted hand slaps the open button on the side, and an orange light above the metallic door starts to flash as the metal grinds and shrieks in protest of movement, flakes of rust falling from the steel surface as a sliver of daylight begins to be revealed. Turning around, she presses her back to the doors as they open, gauntleted arm braced like a shield and the barrel of her Colt steadied on her forearm. Adrenaline, fear, and confusion cause her hands to shake.

Amylynn watches Lie run for the door. Her trigger finger still over the housing … ready to fire she tracks the woman and she simply asks "I'm not nonlethal boss…." is all she says waiting for orders. She seems a bit disappointed in this entire turn of events….. but a sad face is all that shows…. that and the barrel of her range master and she tucks in behind some cover watching and waiting.

- Nazareth wields his Casull Revolver.
[COMBAT] Nazareth attacks Lie with Casull Revolver (Mode: Single) and misses.

Nazareth's head turrets towards his employee as he urges the girl out. He doesn't move to stop him, just stares. Once the girl is up and running, he move, without word to a position where he can look down the hallway to the front door where he draws that silvery revolver and levels it down the aisle, "Robots, lethal force authorized. Take her down with your guns." And then he pulls the trigger.

The two robots continue their erstwhile pursuit of Lie, the barrels of their slug-firing guns extending from their chests a couple inches before they both begin firing.

[GM] Plutonium changes the mode of Sentry Bot - 563's Sentry Bot Arsenal to Shoot.
[GM] Plutonium changes the mode of Sentry Bot - 562's Sentry Bot Arsenal to Shoot.
[COMBAT] Sentry Bot - 563 attacks Lie with Sentry Bot Arsenal (Mode: Shoot) and misses.
[COMBAT] Sentry Bot - 562 attacks Lie with Sentry Bot Arsenal (Mode: Shoot) and critically hits, bypassing her armor! The attack does 46 Normal damage. (46 raw damage, 0 resisted)
[OOC] Nazareth says, "OUCH"
[OOC] Lie says, "hooogh!"
[GM] Plutonium says, "Let's take a bit of a pause here: since this is alpha, and I have already previously stated that people will have a 'get out of jail free card' or two until we're done with alpha, that won't be an insta-kill if you don't want it to be, Lie. But you are definitely DOWN and out, and yeah. Not getting back up anytime soon."
[OOC] Lie contemplates.
[ROLL] Lie rolls her Luck stat (5) and fails. (Roll Value: 3)
[OOC] Lie says, "Nah, she's toast."
[OOC] Lie says, "I feel lame get outta' jail freeing without ssssome chance of failure."
[OOC] Amylynn says, "Yeah but most rpgs have a hand of god option"
[GM] Plutonium grins. Well, slavery would be pretty big failure.
[OOC] Nazareth is an ICA=ICC sort of guy.
[OOC] Nazareth says, "Right, which is where Naz would take her. :]"
[GM] Plutonium says, "But, your call. I'll let you pose your horrific death, if that's the route you're takin'."
[OOC] Blondie says, "Or slavery! With Harvey!"
[GM] Plutonium salutes.
[OOC] Zela says, "If you become a slave Lie, it can be arranged to have you…removed from that position."
[OOC] Zela says, "You are a pc."
[OOC] Lie says, "Hm…"
[GM] Plutonium says, "It can be *attempted*."
[GM] Plutonium says, "Whether it works or not, is, as we have just witnessed, a matter of chance."
[OOC] Nazareth says, "Hey, cool."
[OOC] Nazareth says, "That's like, the first PK in the game, isn't it?"
[OOC] Lie says, "If only I'd reprogrammed those damn robots like I wanted to! XD"
[GM] Plutonium believes so.
[OOC] Lie says, "Yeah I won't rob Naz of his victory here. I may as well kill her, it feels lame to cheat my way out even if it's an alpha."
[OOC] Blondie says, "Is it my pose?"
[OOC] Nazareth has no preferences one way or another, personally. does it for the game.
[GM] Plutonium nods and re-salutes.
[OOC] Blondie says, "Lie, you wanna go?"
[OOC] Nazareth says, "Well, Lie's gotta pose the thing."
[OOC] Lie says, "I think Pluto was going to let me pose the horrific death."
[OOC] Lie nods.
[GM] Plutonium nods.
[OOC] Nazareth notes how cinematic that all was.
[OOC] Blondie says, "Extremely!"
[OOC] Lie says, "fhsgfsgdfgs but the slave idea is neat and aaaaa—- NAZ. you decide for me, live or die. I cannot be impartial! Your call, since this is your win!"
[OOC] Lie spotlight.
[ROLL] Nazareth rolls one (1) two-sided (2) dice. RESULT: 1
[OOC] Nazareth says, "Die plz."
[OOC] Lie salute.

With her back to the door, gun leveled up on her arm, Liette can feel the hot desert air breathing down the back of her neck as those metal gates start to slide apart. Sweat beads down her forehead, her blood pounds hard in her ears, eyes wide as a bullet from Nazareth's gleaming chrome revolver ricochets off of the door beside her. She ducks, leveling her gun towards him again, "You sadistic son of a bitch!" Her finger eases down on the trigger, even as enormous and dark metallic forms begin lumbering up the stairs with clanking footfalls.

Their red lensed eyes glow in the dark behind Nazareth, steely voices booming in the warehouse, "AFFIRMATIVE, USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED." A loud blast from one of the heavy-caliber rounds impacts the door at Liette's side, dimpling in the metal and creating a shower of sparks. She flinches, sidling to one side, sweaty fingers gripping the Colt in one hand as she aims it back up, the sound of her heartbeat slamming in her chest is the only thing she can hear now, over the horrible screech and roar of the door opening.

She can feel the arid desert breeze biting at the back of her neck, golden-yellow sunlight pouring out from behind her, casting her tiny frame in dark silhouette as the second Sentry bot lumbers on ahead, "THREAT LEVEL RED. ENGAGING HOSTILE TARGET." The gun discharges with an explosive muzzle flash, but Liette can't hear it over the sound of her heartbeat slamming in her chest.

"For the Brotherhood." Liette whispers in the moment before she's suddenly moving backwards; doesn't know how it happened, but her eyes can't adjust this time to the bright glow of the desert sun beating down like a hammer above. Blown clear out the door and off of her feet, her Colt flies from her hand, twirling end over end before clattering down somewhere in the sand outside.

When she hits the ground, she bounces, kicking up a cloud of dust from the impact, back arching, but by the time the second impact of her body aginst the ground comes, she's motionless and silent.

She can't hear the beating of her heart anymore, can't hear the clanging of the sentry bots, can't hear anything, or even feel the oppressive heat of the sun burning down on her face. Three holotags on the same chain come clinking down to the dirt, one after another. Mother, father, and now daughter all meeting the same fate; dying under the same cruel sun.

Thundering footfalls brings one of the sentry bots to the doorway, leveling the barrel of the gun down at the young girl, red-lensed eyes flashing for a moment as it takes in the details of blood spatter and the quickly forming pool beneath her tiny body. It calls back to Nazareth, clear as day.


Blondie really tried for a moment there. But he's an old fart. And he knows what happens when two robots and two armed guards go off on one dumb wrench wench brat. Thus, he pushes himself up against a wall in order not to get crushed by a robot as it lumbers past him after her. Nazareth's gun blast comes as a shock, but he's just watching Lie as the assault of the two Sentries goes off. It happens too fast for the Ghoul to entirely grasp that Lie was just killed, but when it finally registers— he just defeatedly looks up at Nazareth. "Boss?" The old Ghoul croaks warily.

Amylynn sighs and watches Lie's last momment and just stares. Bout the same time Blondie calls to Naz she says "Well that could have been avoided…in alot of ways…." she brings up her rifle and walks to the body and feel for a pulse on her neck. She waits a momment and looks over her shoulder "She's gone."

Nazareth can't help but flinch at the sudden and punctuated end to the girl's life. So he stands here for a moment after Blondie speaks, gun pointed at the ceiling from where the recoil had taken it back. He looks over at the ghoul, and as if entirely unmoved by the entire episode, "You want the shotgun?" And then he just walks on, without waiting for an answer. Moving up to where Amy is, "I'd say so," he says affirmingly, looking down at the rather tremendous, gaping wound in the girl's torso.

Blondie is very subdued, but he follows Nazareth very slowly up to the door to take a look at Lie's body. "… Sure, boss." He says, hooking his assault rifle up against a leather strap upon his side before bending down to inspect Lie's body. His expression is utterly impassive, eyes far away and glazed. He's just shocked Nazareth didn't turn on him— and glad.

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