Name "Isotope"
Aliases Iso
Race Human
Height 5'7"
Weight 125lbs.
Sex Female
Age 17
PoB Coldwater, Kansas
DoB September 17th, 2176


Born and raised far from Texas in the town of Coldwater in what remains of Kansas, a girl born to a family she doesn't remember was chewed up and spit out by the wasteland. Her family members were all tradesmen, selling and buying salvage and trading it from Coldwater to New Galveston. At only six years old, their young daughter was brought along on one of those many trips out through the wastes from Coldwater to New Galveston, only to be targeted by raiders.

Cut down to the last, her family's caravan was looted, pillaged and burned to the ground with what remained of it while passing through a particularly irradiated region of northern Texas. This young child was missed by sheer fate in the massacre, hidden under a heap of bullet-riddeled corpses that were once family members.

Fate intercedes it's hand a day and a half later, when a community of Ghouls passing through the wastes happened upon the upturned remnants of the caravan. Scavenging the caravan for what little could be used that the raiders didn't pry off and run away with, they discovered the half-dead young child beneath the bodies of her parents. Suffering from radiation sickness, the ghouls considered putting her out of her suffering there and then, but among the traders was a Ghoul named Chopper.

A pre-war ghoul survivor, Chopper was a physician in his hey-day, and continued that doctoring tradition with what little supplies he had. While the oath of 'do no harm' has little meaning in the wastes, Chopper was compelled to make an example of the girl, not for her own good, but for the sake of his kind. Ghouls that would willingly save a human life, let alone an infant, could earn a notable reputation within the wastes.

Taken back to their settlement on the northwestern side of Austin, within the ruined city limits, the ghouls tended to the sick child under Chopper's guidance. With a small supply of pre-war meds scavenged from hospitals in the ruins of Austin, Chopper was able to rouse the girl back to health, but then found himself presented with a difficult decision: It lived, what does he do with it now?

The decision eventually came to a consensus among the ghoul residents of Isotope to keep the child among them, raise a human among ghouls and potentially use her as a spokesperson for their kind and a negotiator with those who might be uneasy dealing with ghouls. Most of the ghouls of Isotope had memories of what families were like, memories of what children were, and suffered from their own inability to have any. As such, this human child was a vestigial memory of their past lives, and a window into the people they once were. The ghouls of Isotope had hoped that this child would be allowed to see their lives and understand them, but it was not an entirely one-way street, and the child reminded them much about themselves as well.

By the time she was twelve, the residents of Isotope had been calling the girl a variety of nicknames, none of which had ever stuck. Given that she was old enough to start effectively handling firearms, they decided a good coming of age tradition — one often handled by Tribals — would be giving her an adult name. Ultimately, Iso was chosen, which is no small secret, shorthand for Isotpe. While unusually kind-hearted, they weren't the most clever ghouls it seemed.

From then on, Iso was raised and trained by the residents of Isotope; given instruction on how to fire a gun and survive in the wastes, a pastiche of raider and wastelander knowledge mixed with a smattering of diplomacy from acting as a "face" for the small settlement in regards to human merchants.

Now seventeen, Iso travels the wastes from Isotope down to New Galvaston and the areas in between, friend of ghouls and a familiar face among many merchants, she seeks opportunities to better the lives of the people at Isotope, and help make others understand the plight of her ghoulish kin.


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