Name Iona Temple
Aliases Io
Race Caucasian
Height 5'9"
Weight 130 lbs
Sex Female
Age 19
PoB New Gavelston
DoB May 20, 2174


There's no real significant trauma in Iona's early life. Her mother and father are both still alive, happily dwelling in New Galveston, with ancestry tracing back to Vault 53, unsurprisingly. Iona's father is the proprietor of a moderately successful general supplies shop, and her mother is a doctor, working at one of the functional hospitals. Iona was a very bright child, largely homeschooled by her mother. She grew up with a keen fascination about the human body — and how to fix it. Like mother, like daughter, Iona grew up learning her mother's trade. By the age of seventeen, she was good enough and renowned enough to be known as a doctor herself. However, the safety of her home and relatively privileged life left Iona with budding curiosity about the world outside of New Gavelston. In what most would consider something of a suicide wish, Iona left her home and set off during the night. For what? Iona's response is, "I was bored."


Character Timeline:


"I castrated a man! I am a fierce warrior!"

Other Notes/Additional Information:

Suffers from heterochromia; one eye is brown, the other is green.

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