New Plague

In the mid-21st century a socially transmitted plague (a.k.a. the New Plague or Limit-115) arose that was responsible for the deaths of nearly twenty thousand people in the United States. Spread of the disease was largely halted by a national quarantine, and most of the damage was restricted to the Colorado area. The cities of Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs were some of the hardest-hit places in the state.

The source of the New Plague has never been discovered, but there were (and still are) rumors that it was a genetically engineered weapon, though if that is the case it is unclear whether it was created and accidentally (or not) released by the United States during testing phases, or released by Chinese infiltrators.

Perhaps the most important result of the New Plague was the government's decision to research viral immunity as a form of protection against bio-weapons, leading to the discovery of FEV.

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