Many of the people who survived the nuclear holocaust outside of the vaults were reduced to a state of living that was not dissimilar to the one their ancestors had faced thousands of years in the past. In parts of the world where there was nobody with the know-how or resources to construct or repair a power source, electricity, and thus technology, became unavailable. While it was difficult for the first generation of survivors to adjust to this change, their descendants shrugged off the modern way of life without a backwards glance.

These people eventually came to be called 'tribals', primarily for their tendency to develop community rituals and rites of passage that more advanced societies would deem strange or barbaric.


The appearances and customs of the various tribal groups in the Wasteland vary widely with location and community makeup, but some generalizations can still be made about any group that might considered 'tribal' in nature:

  • They tend to take up hunter/gatherer roles to survive, or in some cases practice primitive agriculture. In areas where they can be sustained, tribals have been known to raise and breed brahmin, which are often also used as currency.
  • Typically they rely on very primitive weapons and armor. Spears, bows and arrows, and melee weapons in general tend to be popular, although many weapons are also made of scavenged metal parts. Armor is typically of leather or bone construction.
  • In general, they are more physically adept than non-tribals, but this is because of situational rather than genetic conditioning.
  • Many tribals have strange appearances (such as multiple and/or painful-looking piercings, complicated tattoos, etc.) that are considered the norm within their group of origin. Mainly these customs serve to create a stronger sense of community and make tribal members more easily identifiable to one another, but outsiders often consider such practices uncouth.

Tribals in Fallout MUX

Tribals are one of the most frequent targets of slavers, since their lack of technological prowess makes them far less of a threat during raids. Since tribal communities also typically only span one village (or in rare cases several within a small area), there is little chance of serious retaliation.

At the moment, there are no permanent settlements of tribals within the New Galveston area. Tribals still occasionally wander in from other locales or make trading visits, however, and many can also be found being traded as slaves in Alvin or Port Bolivar.

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