The Enclave
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A Note: The Enclave is not a significant presence in the Fallout MUX game world. Their entry here is only for the sake of canon posterity.


The Enclave is a paramilitary group that claims to be the official government of the area once known as the United States. When the bombs dropped, some of the very rich and very powerful members of the government took shelter on a huge oil rig owned by a mega-corporation named Poseidon Energy. From there, they have launched a campaign to reclaim their former boundaries.


The Enclave possesses the most powerful technology known to exist in the Wasteland. In addition to the same technologies that the Brotherhood of Steel enjoys, they have 'vertibirds', giant multi-purpose military aircraft outfitted with gatling-lasers and rockets, advanced Power Armor, and the last supply of combustible fuel left in the world.

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