New Texas City Council
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Unlike the New Galveston Preservation Society, the New Texas City Council is little more than loosely-connected set individuals who meet once monthly (or convene during emergencies) to decide upon what sort of policies the town will enforce as a whole. They have very little control over the rest of the populace; what control they do have mainly rests in the fact that they themselves are wealthier or more influential than average. Members are not elected, and technically, anyone can become part of the Council: however, in order to join, a prospective joiner must receive a blessing from at least half of the existing Council members.

The Council maintains control of the militia, and the town Sheriff (who is considered head of the militia) traditionally holds a Council seat. When there is some discrepancy or argument about a recent crime, conflict of interest, or other issue of some importance to New Texas City, matters are often brought before the Council, who act as mediators and judges.

Currently, there are twenty-eight Council members, not counting the Sheriff of New Texas City. The majority of them are business owners or landholders, but a few fall into neither category, having earned their position through blackmail, bargaining, or charisma. Council members hold their positions for life, so new members are very rarely voted in.

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