Brotherhood of Steel
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Group Summary

The Brotherhood of Steel is a 'splinter' group, originally part of the pre-nuclear United States Military, who have evolved into a sort of techno-centric semi-cult. Because the original Brotherhood members were soldiers and scientists, their descendants primarily focus on taking up the same roles.

For the most part, Brotherhood members are born in the BoS, and it is very rare that they accept an outsider into their roster. Despite their relatively limited numbers, they possess some of the most advanced technology in the Wastes, exceeding that of any force or community outside of the Enclave. Advanced laser- and plasma-powered weaponry, combat and brain-enhancing implants, and Power Armor are just a few of the toys in the Brotherhood's arsenal. Membership in the BoS is voluntary, and those who choose to leave can do so of their own free will. Of course, there are no guarantees that they will ever be re-accepted.

While the technology of the Brotherhood could probably do wonderful things for the people of the Wastes, they do not like to share. The general philosophy amongst BoS members is that the common Wastelander is not responsible enough to be given access to advanced tech. The Brotherhood is also uninterested in protecting the weak or acting as the justiciars of the Wastes: for the most part their motives are unclear.

A Brotherhood base is rumored to have recently been set up in Camp Mabry.


  • Outlaws: Brotherhood members serve their own ends, and they don't really care about the laws of other post-apocalyptic communities. That said, they are not an organization to be trifled with, and any attempts at stealing from them or harming a BoS member will generally result in instant sub-atomic deconstruction.
  • Mutants: The Brotherhood's past experiences with the Master and his super mutant army have caused them to take up an openly hostile stance towards super mutant-kind. They WILL attack super mutants on sight.
  • Ghouls: Being one of the last pure-strain societies of humanity left on the planet, the Brotherhood tends to disdain of ghouls and treat them like a sub-human race. However, they usually won't try to kill ghouls unless they have a reason for it (or they're very bored).
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