Grady's Luck - Part 3


Yahweh, Franky, Lacie

Unique NPCs:


Title Grady's Luck - Part 3
Scene Synopsis Grady's luck runs out.
IC Date 13 February, 2194
OOC Date 30 July, 2009
Logger Pluto

League City Ruins - Main Street Junction

"Y'know, Grady…" Yahweh begins as they approach their destination, "This shit had better be worth it, man. Sand's fallin' outta my ass cheeks every other step. And we've still

got to make the journey back to… wherever the hell we came from." he looks toward Franky, then back to Grady, and just shakes his head, annoyance with the situation quite


Grady is tired and disenfranchised to some degree with his earlier ideas about adventurous traveling and fortune-finding. "It will be," He says unconvincingly to Yahweh, looking

around at the distant shapes of the dead city's buildings to try and locate somewhere to bed down. "Man, I'm sore an' tired. An' my ass hurts from fallin' in that damned cellar.

I need sleep."

Lacie has been fairly quiet since the day she was sick, never really having fully recovered her energy after that, but then for all of her toughness and training… she was

always with the Brotherhood before this. Always had food, proper shelter, protection. Being out here in the wastes is far, far less than pleasant and she might be trained, but

she's on the tiny side and sometimes that just not good for much of anything endurance wise. So she's there, shades pushed up onto her head… "…We're not almost there? Let's

just get -in- the building… damn.."

Franky hasn't said much for most of the day, ever since that damn tornado….Yahweh gets a look as he thinks something over. Grady gets another as he mentions sleep, "Maybe it's

time you come clean about how you know about this place?" He grunts out, looking over his shoulder to the 5 foot guerilla in the wastes.

[ROLL] Franky rolls his Speech skill (31%) at a difficulty level of Challenging. He succeeds. (Roll Value: 15)

Yahweh looks over his shoulder toward Lacie, as apparently the two are on a looking-at-one-another basis again, "Relax, I'm supposed to be the one losin' my cool, not you, Lace.

We're almost there, anyway." he glances toward Franky and then Grady, shaking his head as he eyeballs the second of the two.

Lacie rolls her eyes to Yahweh, stepping up to his side. Yeah, looking, talking, doing whatever weird dance they've been doing since before he took off. "I -am- relaxed. Just

wanna get out of the damn open and actually do some work instead of getting caught up with idiot wastelanders and damn sand storms." Lacie murmurs, a touch too sharp, definitely

in need of some sleep and a warm bed for a night or two. She brushes a bit more sweat/dirt from off of her face, looking half filthy and yet still managing to keep it together

appearance wise.

With a glance at Franky, Grady starts to speak, but then stops and falls short of whatever lie he was obviously going to tell. "I guess, man, whatever… see, that guy Vegas,

he's, uh." The man gulps and glances around as if someone else might be listening. Obviously nobody is, considering their location. "He's got some connections, y'know. I sorta

got it from him. That is, I overheard him talkin' about it. And I sorta lifted that bit of tech from his joint."

He peers sidelong at Lacie's 'idiot wastelander' comment, narrowing his eyes for a half a second before looking dead ahead…

[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Luck stat (5) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 2)

…and spotting a fairly-intact building. "Hey. That looks like a decent place, don't it?"

[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Charisma stat (7) at a difficulty level of Easy. She succeeds. (Roll Value: 3)

Grady glances over at Lacie again. Given his established choice of female companions, he obviously thinks women who insult him are kinda hot. He stares at her… secondary

sexual traits for a few seconds rather unabashedly before looking back at the old house.

Franky cocks a brow as he watches the interactions between Yahweh and Lacie, then rather awkwardly gets his bubble popped by Grady. He turns to face the guy more squarely, "You

mean to tell me all this was over some hearsay by your raider butt buddy back in Texas City?" He seems pissed…probably more at himself for getting duped into this whole

situation. "I'm not sure Nazareth is going to like this little outcome, Grady."

Yahweh watches Lacie, and then Grady, eyebrows shooting up over his naked eyes as he continues to stare at the man, and he at the woman. "Hey, snap out of it, Moses, keep

leadin' us through the damn desert, will you?" again, he looks past him to Franky and just shakes his head, one leather-clad hand drumming its digits rhythmically against his

hip as he moves.

Lacie tilts her head slightly, stepping forward towards him and giving a cool, if rather bitchy smile. "Alright, buddy. You better talk, and talk fast. We followed you the whole

way fucking here. Repaid your debt. Basically kept your ass alive and I promise you… if it ain't worth anything, we're gonna take our price out of your flesh. So what the hell

is going on?" She folds her arms across her chest, enhancing her…assets, just a bit more. If he's the sort who likes to be insulted, well she just pulled out the verbal whip.

[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Charisma stat (7) at a difficulty level of Easy. She succeeds. (Roll Value: 4)

Grady frowns a bit at Franky. "Well, man, not just like, hearsay an' shit. I know for sure." He quickens his pace a bit as they reach the building, obviously looking forward to

some R&R. The sound of Lacie's voice makes him turn his head again, and he gulps. "Er. Yes, ma'm. Uh. That is, see, Vegas and his bunch were plannin' on comin' out here

themselves. They had it on word from some high-ups in New Galveston that all this tech an' shit is here. Guys in New Galveston didn't want to have to deal with the costs of

hiring professionals in New Galv', cuz' they charge an assload, or with the hassle of bartering with New Texas City merchants… so they went to Vegas's boss." He looks proud of

himself for having illegitimately found all of this out. "See, I overheard all this shit sorta by accident because I was, uh, relievin' myself somewhere I shouldn't quite have

been. An' I had a flash of brainpower. I took that damned piece of tech. As proof."

Franky seems to ease up a bit as Grady more or less vindicates himself…can't blame a guy for acting on a tip right? He falls silent, "Alright…." A look to Yahweh then to

lacie, as if looking to the two for what to do next. He follows Grady to the build, "Get some rest…big day and all."

[ROLL] Franky rolls his Perception stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 6)
[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Luck stat (5) and critically fails. (Roll Value: 4)

You paged Franky with 'Grady's still leaving something out.'

[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Perception stat (6) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 2)

You paged Lacie with 'Grady's still leaving something out.'

By now everyone's reached the building. Grady, tired as he is, leads the way without really checking for danger, just walking inside and looking around. "Seems okay," He


Lacie listens to that all, her frown just deepening a bit. She studies Grady's face and then just presses closer, chest to chest with him, staring him down metaphorically even

as she physically has to gaze up. "Come on, spill it, boyo. You leave anything else out and I'll feed you back to Vegas one piece at a time." Lacie's not normally this…

Violent, but it seems she's reading something in the guy, and it's helping them get information.

After a moment, Yahweh apparently decides to go along with Lacie's assumption, and reaches over his back for his crowbar, thumping the business end - used for crackin' boxes and

skulls - against the palm of his other hand. "Grady, I'm losing patience. You don't tell me everything, I swear to God I'm just gonna use this to bash your skull in. Then

Franky's gonna turn the rest of it into a mug and eat the next box of cereal we come across outta it with some fuckin' brahmin milk."

Franky slows to a stop behind Grady as he senses something isn't being opening discussed now. A look to Yahweh is given in an attempt to bring him on board with what he's about

to do. "Grady. Grady. Grady…" He starts…pulling the rifle off his shoulder and into his hands…"You don't start telling me the truth, you'll never make it back to Vegas…"

He works the bolt action on the rifle and levels the muzzle at their 'fearful leader'. "Now's not the time to hold out….so lonesome out here in the wastes." A grin begins to

form on Franky's mug, and by all accounts he seems serious.

[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Charisma stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 2)
[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Charisma stat (7) at a difficulty level of Easy. She succeeds. (Roll Value: 3)
[ROLL] Franky rolls his Charisma stat (3) and fails. (Roll Value: 3)
[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Agility stat (6) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 1)

"O… okay! Okay!" Grady glances down at Lacie, gulps again, glances over at Yahweh, then carefully takes a few steps away from everyone and sits on an old table, somehow making

it look graceful. "Well, it's not. Uh. See, it's just that Vegas and his boys are probably gonna be out in this area… soon." He raises a hand to wipe a sheen of sweat off of

his forehead. "They were plannin' on leavin' the day after we did. But, y'know. They mighta been sucked up in one of those tornadoes or somethin'."

- Franky switches the attack mode of his Colt Rangemaster to Aimed.

Yahweh blinks curiously at Grady, before shaking his head, "Are you serious? I already figured that, after you told us how you found about this… otherwise, you wouldn't've

been in such a hurry." he glances toward Franky, before nodding and moving toward Grady and the table. "Dammit, Grady, this is a problem." then he swings his crowbar toward one

of the legs of the table, to break it and drop Grady's poor ass on the ground.

[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Strength stat (6) at a difficulty level of Easy. He succeeds. (Roll Value: 4)
[OOC] Plutonium says, "You break the table leg and Grady falls on his ass as planned."

Franky cocks his head a bit as he watches Grady move to plant himself a top the table, and spill his guts on the whole situation. "Tisks-tisk." Franky adds, watching Yahweh

already move in on the waster, blowing the table out from under him. He takes a few steps forward before taking aim at the man noggin. "Sorry Grady.." He offers before squeezing

the trigger.

Lacie sighs, "yeah. I kinda figured that too. So, as nice as sleep sounds, we should all get our asses into this building, grab what we can, then scoot. I really don't feel like

having a shoot out with the mob out in god forsaken no where with no back up." Or fancy toys. She hates the shit the Brotherhood sent her out here with, even if it's still

measuring up to most everyoen else. She then jumps as Yahweh and Franky, well…start to go to work. She doesn't stop them, she just watches, like some sort of queen presiding

over the beating of the peasants.

[COMBAT] Franky makes an aimed attack at Grady - 525's Head with Colt Rangemaster (Mode: Aimed) at a difficulty level of Easy. He misses.

[COMBAT] Yahweh attacks Grady - 525 with Crowbar (Mode: Swing) at a difficulty level of Easy. He critically hits! The attack does 13 Normal damage. (16 raw damage, 3 resisted)
[COMBAT] Yahweh makes an aimed attack at Grady - 525's Head with Crowbar (Mode: Aimed) at a difficulty level of Easy. He misses.

[GM] You deduct 13 of Grady - 525's HP.
[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Agility stat (6) and fails. (Roll Value: 2)

"Hey— oof!" Grady expounds as he's knocked to the floor. He lands hard, staring dumbly for a moment as Franky points the gun at him. "Wha - ohshit! C'mon man!" Amazingly, when

Franky pulls the trigger, he does a little dodge to the side at the last moment that saves his life. He may be stupid, but he's not stupid enough to sit there any longer. He

immediately rolls and bolts towards the nearest window even as Yahweh's crowbar slams across his shoulders. "Ah… fuck. FUCK YOU GUYS." That stops him from getting to the

window, but he does have time to haphazardly point his pistol at… somebody.

[COMBAT] Grady - 525 attacks Lacie with Colt 6520 (Mode: Single) at a difficulty level of Hard. It misses.

Franky cocks his head as he pulls the weapon off his shoulder, looking down at the thing as he missed a shot such as that…flabbergast! "Oh…you son of a bitch." He grunts,

manually cycling his weapon before firing it at the fleeing figure. "Your dead Grady!"

Lacie might not be at her best right now, but she's still brotherhood trained at the moment she sees that barrel going in her direction, she ducks to the side and draws her own

gun, hissing a quiet curse word and firing back in the man's direction. She sure as hell isn't going to stand idly by while someone tries to kill her!

[COMBAT] Lacie attacks Grady - 525 with Colt 6520 (Mode: Single) and hits. The attack does 5 Normal damage. (6 raw damage, 1 resisted)
[GM] You deduct 5 of Grady - 525's HP.

[COMBAT] Franky attacks Grady - 525 with Colt Rangemaster (Mode: Single) and misses.

[COMBAT] Yahweh makes an aimed attack at Grady - 525's Left Leg with Crowbar (Mode: Aimed) and misses.
[COMBAT] Yahweh attacks Grady - 525 with Crowbar (Mode: Swing) and hits. The attack does 4 Normal damage. (5 raw damage, 1 resisted)
[GM] You deduct 4 of Grady - 525's HP.

[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Agility stat (6) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 1)

[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Agility stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 4)
[ROLL] Franky rolls his Agility stat (7) and critically succeeds. (Roll Value: 5)
[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Agility stat (7) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 5)

Grady takes a bullet from Lacie and another hit from Yahweh's crowbar, letting out a stream of incoherent curses at the sudden onslaught of injuries. He fires another random

round over his shoulder, this time taking a half a second to aim, then bolts up a nearby stairway when it becomes clear the window is a no-go. "WHAT THE SHIT DID I DO TO YOU


[COMBAT] Grady - 525 attacks Lacie with Colt 6520 (Mode: Single) at a difficulty level of Hard. It misses.

Hell, even if he can't shoot worth a shit at the moment don't count the loon out just yeah. "Where you going?" He states with glee as he bounds and leaps onto the the stair

somehow. He stares down as he cuts the poor guys escape route off, "Tell you what…I'll put my gun away…" He's not kidding either, throwing the sling over his body. "I take

pleasure in gutting you boy!" Cue maniacal laughter, "AHHAHA!" His knife is drawn from his boot before he lunges at the poor chummer.

[COMBAT] Franky attacks Grady - 525 with Combat Knife (Mode: Thrust) and hits. The attack does 7 Normal damage. (9 raw damage, 2 resisted)
[COMBAT] Franky attacks Grady - 525 with Combat Knife (Mode: Thrust) and misses.
[GM] You deduct 7 of Grady - 525's HP.
[COMBAT] Franky attacks Grady - 525 with Combat Knife (Mode: Thrust) and hits. The attack does 8 Normal damage. (10 raw damage, 2 resisted)
[COMBAT] Franky attacks Grady - 525 with Combat Knife (Mode: Thrust) and hits. The attack does 3 Normal damage. (4 raw damage, 1 resisted)
[COMBAT] Yahweh attacks Grady - 525 with Crowbar (Mode: Swing) and hits. The attack does 7 Normal damage. (9 raw damage, 2 resisted)
[COMBAT] Yahweh attacks Grady - 525 with Crowbar (Mode: Swing) and hits. The attack does 6 Normal damage. (7 raw damage, 1 resisted)
[GM] You deduct 11 of Grady - 525's HP.

[COMBAT] Grady - 525 has died.

Lacie's eyes go a bit wide as the two men attack their almost poor guide like piharanas. It's not comfortable to watch. At this point, Lacie's fairly certain the merciful thing

to do to poor Grady is to put him down like a sick dog before he's tortured too long. She raises her gun, carefully standing back to take an aimed, deliberate shot, hopefully

straight for the head or temple. It'll just be easier that way for all of them.

Grady's corpse goes tumbling down the stairs. Even after he's dead, crowbar and knife keep landing on the dead body repeatedly, beating it to a pulp. Cue silence.

Lacie just shakes her head slowly, not even wanting to stay in this area any longer. "…Barbarians…" Lacie mutters beneath her breath, sounding truly and utterly disgusted

with the blood lust shown. She walks off into the shadows of the building, going to take some air on her own while they deal with or torture the body.

"Well, that's messy." Yahweh notes, as he looks down at the body, then up at Franky. He glances after Lacie, before grimacing and shaking his head. "See what he's got, then

let's get outta here. We need to ditch these guys, there's probably too much heat coming."

Well…maybe Grady didn't deserve those few extra /phone checks/ and /crowbar knocks/ he got…but ehhhh. A look to what Yahweh is looking at…Lacie…He moses on down to

search the chump…nothing. "Hell of a trip not to find anything, Weh." A thought…"Sides…I think Vegas' crew might be carrying some good shit, not to mention the tech?"

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