Grady's Luck - Part 2


Iona, Yahweh, Lacie, Franky, Saul, Crow

Unique NPCs:

Grady, Vegas

Title Grady's Luck - Part 2
Scene Synopsis Grady pays off his debt to the mob.
IC Date 9 February, 2194
OOC Date 30 July, 2009
Logger Pluto

New Galveston: The Causeway

"Well, er… one sec." Grady has led the little group even further along the edge of the peninsula, right up to the edge of the bridge to Galveston. Instead of moving on to the bridge proper, he gets off of old I-45 and begins to clamber cautiously down to its underbelly. After he gets about halfway down the rocky shore, he glances back and waves a hand. "C'mon."

[ROLL] Franky rolls his Perception stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 4)
[ROLL] Saul rolls his Perception stat (6) and fails. (Roll Value: 3)
[ROLL] Crow rolls his Perception stat (7) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 6)
[ROLL] Iona rolls her Perception stat (7) and critically succeeds. (Roll Value: 5)
[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Perception stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 8)
[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Perception stat (6) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 1)

You paged (Franky, Yahweh, Lacie) with 'You don't think he's trying to fuck you over.'
You paged Iona with 'You don't get any sort of bad feeling. It's obvious he's not trying to screw you over or set you up for an ambush.'
You paged Crow with 'You get the distinct feeling that the group is up to something, and possibly something not necessarily kosher. That said, you also spot Lacie immediately and recognize her.'

Yahweh looks to Franky, and after a minute, lifts his shoulders in a careless shrug, "If he is fuckin' with us, we'll just plug his ass anyway." he says, reasoning, before moving to follow him down, stepping carefully. "Hey, you guy, where'd you say you were takin' us again?"

Iona shakes her head at Yahweh, squinting at him through her goggles. "No, I'm pretty sure he's cool. You're just gonna have to trust me on this. I mean, and if he /does/ set us up… well, we'll find your friend a rock, and I got my knife, so we won't be too put out, now will we?" She asks reassuringly, winking in the man's direction before she continues to follow Grady, seeming to trust the man enough to walk at close range behind him.

Franky eyes the shifty little wastelander with delusion of grandeur for a bit before embarking after the man. And even if his intentions might seem good it's still no reason not to move his rifle into a ready position. "Ain't that the truth…" He comments toward yahweh, looking behind him to see if lacie is still tailing them before following after.

Lacie is following along, closer now. It's too damn obvious who she is and why she's here anyway, so it's not worth trying to hide herself or stalk the men. "This makes us all enough money, maybe you boys can pay off your lives…" Lacie offers, almost casually, a half chuckle clipping off her lips in Franky and Yahweh's direction, but there's an odd bit of hope behind her tone also. If she really wanted them dead, she'd have killed them by now. So she keeps walking, hand loose, near her gun, shades firmly in place across her eyes. "And… strangely… this seems legit, I gotta say."

Saul keeps behind Grady, lingering back, eyes scanning the road around. When he takes his detour Saul follows, shrugging broad shoulders once before he begins to make a slow path down the rocks. He elects to move slow, keeping a half-watch of the scenery as he plays follow the leader.

Crow approaches from across the way, heading directly towards the group, no matter how unwise that might seem. He reaches for the pistol at his side in a casual sort of way. Not like he's going to pull it out, but like he's ready to if he has to. He's close enough to probably be seen without much trouble by anyone who looks in his general direction. He's bearing on the group from the side, rather than head on, and looks observant rather than hostile.

Grady looks more confident when it becomes clear that the group is going to follow him. He turns and begins making his way back down under the bridge again. Once he's within ten yards of the underside, a rough-looking man steps out and swings an automatic weapon into view. He doesn't point it at anyone, but there's the distinctive sound of a safety being switched off.

"Hold it right there. Grady? The fuck do you want?" The man glances up at the people who are following, his eyes skimming those he can detect from behind a pair of shades. "The shit are these guys? You better not be trying to fuck us over, Grady."

"Hey now, whoa buddy!" Yahweh hollers a little as the man steps out with his submachine gun. In return, he grips the one slung across his chest, though he doesn't raise it yet, "We've just come to pay off Grady's dues, that's all, swear!" he glances to the trader-doctor-guy that's with them, tilting his head toward the enforcer with the gun, "Tell him. You… guy, you."

[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Speech skill (51%) and fails. (Roll Value: 8)
[GM] Yahweh rolls Nazareth Dummy - 524's Speech skill (56%) and fails. (Roll Value: 22)
[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Charisma stat (7) and fails. (Roll Value: 6)

Franky continues to stroll towards Grady even after the raider makes his appearance, and questions Grady's allegiance? "Uhhh yeah, what my friend here says." Franky nods, stopping behind Grady and nudging him to speak up. "From the lips to the ears, boss..?" Throwing in the last little bit for appearances sake.

[ROLL] Franky rolls his Speech skill (31%) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 30)

Lacie clears her throat, doing her best to sound authoritative. It might help if she were taller than five feet and change. "Listen to the man. We're just here ta getcha your money and be on our way, so just calm your little self down." Lacie chimes in, doing her best to be calm and professional, but she's nervous, and she looks too much like a -cop- to do anything but make gangsters nervous, no doubt.

"We're not here to make any trouble for anyone…" Iona says earnestly, putting her hands in the air to show that she's unarmed — mostly. "We just want to pay you, then be on our way, yeah?" She asks, before she pulls her goggles back up onto her head, revealing her mismatched eyes once more.
"Just here to do business." Saul leaves fancier talking to other people, instead turns his attention back down toward Grady. Saul's hand inches to settle on the weapon hanging at his side, though he doesn't bring it up fully. Another quick scan of the area, eyes searching for any more men hidden where the first came from.

[ROLL] Saul rolls his Perception stat (6) and critically fails. (Roll Value: 6)
[OOC] Plutonium says, "Saul, you think that the mobster seems like a nice, nice guy."
[ROLL] Yahweh rolls his Luck stat (5) and fails. (Roll Value: 3)

Crow's eyes widen, and then narrow at the scene unfolding before him. He takes his gun into his hand and observes things as he approaches. What is it in the knight's eyes? Is it justice? Is it honor? Is it heroism? No, of course not. This is the brotherhood of steel: He's inconvenienced, annoyed, and a tiny bit horrified at the stupidity he's witnessing, "You either have balls as large as a brahman or a brain the size of a walnut. You're outnumbered."

[ROLL] Crow rolls his Speech skill (45%) and fails. (Roll Value: 12)
[ROLL] Crow rolls his Luck stat (6) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 1)
[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Speech skill (35%) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 27)

Yahweh Considering the situation well in hand given the others' words, Yahweh kicks at a small pebble, which rebounds off another rock nearby and hits him in the temple. Grimacing, he turns his attention back to what's going on with the mobster.

[GM] Plutonium rolls Raider Waster - 527's Perception stat (4) at a difficulty level of Challenging. It fails. (Roll Value: 2)

"Nah, Vegas! I wouldn't try to fuck you over! Honest, man!" Grady smiles nervously at the hard-looking man. Oddly, it seems to work. "I just came to pay you up."

"Yeah, yeah. Fine. But who the fuck are these chumps?" Vegas looks up at everyone, seeming unimpressed with the various arguments made, save for Franky's, who he thinks looks like a tough mother. When Crow appears and 'threatens' him, his brows raise and he smiles dangerously. "…am I? Yeah, maybe you think so. What are you, some sorta fuckin' New Texas Militia punk? In your fuckin' fancy little leather suit with your cute little symbol."

That's when Lacie realizes she's not alone in the Brotherhood leathers and… Shit. It's -him-. Lacie does a double take in Crow's direction, some of her tough girl glare falling away as she looks over the man who seems just about her age and wears the same symbol of the woman who stands behind Franky and Yahweh. She says nothing, but most of her intimidating glare is gone for those few raw moments before she forces herself to rebuild her expression and look back to the group, completely caught off guard.

Franky throws a look to Yahweh for a moment before looking back to the raider, "We're Grady's new gang." Frank tones, moving behind the man in question to discreetly flick his weapons safety off before moving back into view of Vegas. A look behind him at Crow at Vegas's insult warrant's a contorted expression. "Fucking coming out of the woodwork.." He grumbles toward Yahweh. "So…we going to get this over with?"

After another scan of the area Saul's posture loosens, hand dropping away from his weapon once he realizes the place is clear. "Looks like this won't be so bad." The man even makes a dim chuckle at the raider's taunts toward Crow.

[ROLL] Franky rolls his Speech skill (31%) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 6)

"We're just a few stragglers that this guy picked up," Iona says pleadingly, glancing to the man. "We'll be on our way as soon as he pays you. He said he was going to take us to a bar near here." Iona reaches into her pockets and frowns a little bit before glancing to Franky. "He's actually sort of right, we're his new gang. Yep."

[ROLL] Iona rolls her Speech skill (72%) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 28)

Yahweh glances over his shoulder toward the man that "Vegas" is talking to, and then immediately his features twist into a grimace. "Fuck, wish I had them shades right about now…" he looks to Franky and nods, "We ought to… y'ready?"

[ROLL] Lacie rolls her Luck stat (8) and succeeds. (Roll Value: 8)

"That's exactly it, yes." Crow's diction is a little too good for the wastes. Understandably, really. Needless to say, his statement is a touch on the sarcastic side, but not really caustic, either. He continues his approach, ignoring Lacie while simultaniously taking up a position near by. He's said enough, clearly. Any more is likely to be regretted.

[GM] Plutonium rolls Grady - 525's Speech skill (35%) and fails. (Roll Value: 5)

"Yeah! They're my new gang!" Grady says perhaps too over-excitedly. "I was wonderin' if you'd, like, gimme a deal an' shit, man."

The raider seems impressed, except for that last bit. He stares back at Grady and frowns. "Get the fuck over yourself, Grady. I dunno what these guys owe you, but it must be big. Gimme your fuckin' money and get outta here." Grady, in response, mopes for a moment and then gradually holds out the sack of caps. 'Vegas' snatches it like a snake going after a small animal. "Good. Now scram."

Lacie has recomposed herself within a heartbeat or two, but Crow's nearness receives a slight nod. The closest thing to a greeting she's willing to give in this group. She stands slightly straighter now, the deal seemingly having gone off without a hitch and she's more than ready to move on, tension thrumming through her body like a tightly pulled string.

Franky nods a bit as he seems content that Grady's done paid his dues, "I say we wait until spence says so.." He comments to Yahweh, "Hey doc, grab your Grady and lets grab some supplies before we leave." He starts to stalk off after giving Vegas a nod. "Take it easy, Vegas."

Yahweh isn't one to question Spence, at least… not right now, he isn't. He merely grunts at Franky and turns to begin moving the way they had come, avoiding looking at either Crow or Lacie as he moves, the gun strapped across his chest swaying as he walks.

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