Consul Troy
Name Namus Troy
Aliases N/A
Race Human
Height 6'
Weight 160 lbs.
Sex Male
Age 56
PoB Western USA
DoB 2138


Consul Troy is the Brotherhood's diplomatic envoy to the New Galveston area. He is primarily concerned with supplying the Brotherhood with an accurate estimation of New Galveston's military capabilities while remaining neutral to the city-state, although he may have other, additional instructions that have not yet been carried out.


Consul Troy is known as a strict authoritarian and a man of considerable mental prowess. His past is largely a mystery to those in the New Galveston area, beyond the obvious fact that he is a long-time member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Character Timeline:

  • 2138 - Born
  • 2192 - Arrives in New Galveston as a Brotherhood diplomat.


Other Notes/Additional Information:

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