Texas Wasteland

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Possible Locations

  • Galveston Bay
  • Bolivar Lighthouse
  • Mutant Den
New Galveston

New Galveston is a veritable heaven on earth for people who are willing to sacrifice some of their liberties for safety. Established on the desiccated foundations of the old Galveston, the place came ready-made with all sorts of interesting junk and building material already lying around, relatively untouched until a group of wastelanders from California came by to settle down. They were so good at fending off and clearing out unwanted inhuman elements that they eventually attracted the attention of other people who wanted a safe place to stay where they could rebuild some small part of society. The original wastelanders were driven out by a better-armed and better-educated expedition, forcing the old inhabitants out across the old toll bridge to what used to be Texas City and is now ?, letting them stay nearby and setting up a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the smaller and rougher community.

Within a couple of generations New Galveston was a thriving community. Its self-appointed government began as a couple of 'concerned' and influential citizens that eventually turned into New Galveston Preservation Society, which has its seat in the very secure location of Fort Crockett. The members of this executive group of lawmakers are selected by their would-be peers on a list of criterion that generally involves wealth, power, and corruptibility. The ten mile long and seventeen foot high seawall put in place in to protect the island from natural disasters back before the bombs dropped has been augmented by fencing that now surrounds most of the island, providing an excellent barrier against mutants, radioactive creatures, and raiders, which has further been supplemented by guard outposts. The people of New Galveston are generally law-abiding - because if they aren't, they're punished. If their offense is a bad enough one, they're kicked out of the settlement and told to head to ? on the mainland if they want to stick around the area.

Society in New Galveston is fairly conservative due to the oppressive views of its leaders. Ghouls, for instance, are strictly banned within the town and are restricted to doing their business in ? instead. People who make too much trouble or voice contrary opinions too loudly generally find themselves on the wrong end of a gun and are told to get out, but that doesn't stop it from happening. It also hasn't stopped the everyman of New Galveston from getting weary of all the rules imposed upon him, and there are some rumors that an anti-NGPS movement is building itself behind the scenes.

Possible Locations

  • Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark
  • Moody Gardens Botanical Park
  • Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum
  • Lone Star Flight Museum
  • 600-foot (200 m) pier into the Gulf of Mexico
  • Miles of beachfront
  • Fort Crockett


  • Crazy shiz washes up on the beaches pretty frequently. A good percentage of that is radioactive, but some of it (that hasn't been too damaged by water) is very valuable, be that as raw materials or finished goods like pipes and old ice boxes that a good machinist could fix right up.


Fort Crockett

Fort Crockett used to be an actual defensive compound overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, but during the later 1900s the place was converted away from its original purpose until someone finally up and built the San Luis Resort on it, leaving the concrete casemates intact along with a few sturdy underground bunkers. The NGPS has nested here for the last fifty years or so, members of the Society frequently living in the aboveground resort while taking care of their more private business in the largest bunker available. They have food stores down there. They have ammunition and guns. They have thick concrete walls. They also have a really big door with a really big lock.

Possible TPs

  • New Galveston's Civic Project. The NGPS asks for machinists for a civic project and offers a reward in return. The machinists aren't told what they're working on, and work on separate parts that will be assembled by the NGPS when completed. The various pieces will eventually form crude artillery guns which will be placed in the old battery emplacements of Izard, Hampton, Hoskins and Laval. The NGPS leaders intend to use this to bombard Texas City if invaders show up and get out of hand - or if its citizens get too uppity. Machinists from both TC and NG are asked to sign onto this project, but the NG machinists are significantly better compensated for their work.


Texas City

Texas City is the hapless, withered host of the engorged parasite that is New Galveston. Originally established as a tent city to house the original settlers of New Galveston that were kicked out of the place, Texas City's inhabitants have always been grittier and have had much harder lives than the folks over on the cushy island paradise that rightfully belonged to their ancestors. Instead of getting to let the good times roll Texas City is the frontier on the frontier, a place frequently assaulted by mutants and beasts and visited all-too-often by local gangs of raiders - after all, people in a ramshackle town made out of rusty shingles and sheet metal are much easier to deal with than well-armed and well-organized city-dwellers who have a body of water and concrete walls to protect them. Even though the New Galveston Preservation Society would never admit it (and wouldn't let any citizens do so either), the hearty folk of Texas City are the first line of defense for New Galveston itself.

Trade in and out of Texas City is very one-sided with the balance heavily in the financial favor of New Galveston. New Galveston, after all, has all the manufacturing capabilities. New Galveston has the medicines, the water purification tablets, the weapons, the ammunition. Texas City has whatever they can find out in the wastelands. Sometimes someone from Texas City makes an incredible find out there in the endless radioactive husk of the desert; when that happens, they're forced to undersell it at a criminal discount to New Galveston if they want to make any gain for their troubles at all. Texas City is partially populated by former citizens in good standing of New Galveston, having either been thrown out or gotten sick of the cutthroat bureaucracy. No matter what their situation, they are almost universally be softer and less able to fend for themselves in the wastes than people who have lived in Texas City for most, if not all, of their lives. Texas City is something of a trading and travel hub for the southern United States, since well-funded expeditions and caravans have to pass through it on their way to New Galveston.

In order to better protect themselves the denizens of Texas City have formed a local militia which gets drummed up every time danger appears by the sound of the guard outposts beating on whatever pots and pans they can reach. Membership in this militia is technically optional: if you have two arms and two legs and are over thirteen and under sixty, you can join or you can pack your goddamn bags and head into the desert.

Raider Settlement

A very not-nice place.

  • Design new vaults
    • Rhapsody says, "One a little too short to stand up straight in for the people in it?"
    • Rhapsody says, "Or there's that Chinese torture where you make the lights run not on a 24 hour cycle, so some nights last, like, 12 hours, and others 3."
    • Sound (extremely high volumes, dynamic range, low frequency, noise intended to interfere with rest, high pitched, cognition and concentration).
    • You say, "..baha. Maybe all instruction manuals, labellings, everything written - in another language. Possibly another alphabet entirely. Also any entertainment tapes."
    • Rhapsody says, "What about a recorded voice that comes on periodically and gives official-sounding instructions, but they're arbitrary… except for those few that aren't."
      • Nicodemo :O Such as 'go get food, it is time for evening meal'?
      • Rhapsody says, "Or, like, 'move away from the walls'. And most the time, nothing. But then once or twice, 'electric shock' or something."
      • Nicodemo …cackle.
    • Rhapsody says, "What about some sort of arbitrary divide of the inhabitants, but seems significant… A small number are given a different colour of outfit, or quite clearly given marked beds, while the rest get the floor, or the keys to the food or something…"
  • Use vaults that appeared in the Fallout Bible but never in the games
    • [Vault 53] Most of the equipment was designed to break down every few months. While repairable, the breakdowns were intended to stress the inhabitants unduly.

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Mexico is, for the most part, a deadly and vast desert full of incredibly dangerous creatures of the waste warped by radiation. Its already harsh conditions have been made even worse after the bombs dropped, and there are large pockets of radioactive sludge found in areas that lie below sea level. Some of the tougher, hardier desert plants have survived the fallout and have mutated into poisonous versions of themselves, such as several species of cacti and tubers. Despite this, rumors persist that a paradise lies down near the Gulf in the form of an old tourist resort, which is supposedly a civilized and protected settlement free from attacks by mutants and wildlife. Usually it is crazy people who believe this sort of thing, but there have been some strange reports coming from ships that chug by the coast.


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[OOC] Amon says, "I mean, you could get up after surgery to fight a bunch of super mutants, but then. Then the doctor would laugh and carry your bottlecaps to the bank as you pop your stitches and guts all over the floor."


  • Nuclear Bombs: Fat Man, Little Boy, Tsar Bomba
  • Names of places around Texas/Galveston area
  • Radioactive Materials: Radium, Uranium, Radon, Tantalum, Zircon, Thorium
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